CABO IS BACK!!! 3 Tournaments down and the Tuna on it’s Way! Oct 15 – Nov 2

We had a slower October than we can remember in years for charters, but the fishing was not disappointing! All week long boats were limiting out on Dorado and not small ones either, well, SOME were, but for the most part they were nice size. The Bisbee Los Cabos Offshore started on the 15th and ran through the 17th. Cat Carr, Marilyn Adkins along with buddy Rodney fished on Never Give Up with Captain Danny for the second year in a row. They caught some fish, but nothing big enough to win the prize. Jeff Dutton was back out on RedRum to fish the tourney with Captain Omar. They released a Sail, a Striped Marlin and caught several Dorado, but again…. short of the Prize.

Our own Ryan Donovan along with Captain Luis and Ryan Ayres (who caught 2 Marlin and ( dorado on a boat by himself one day – captain Ramon said he has “Un chingo de suerte”) formed team “Poco Loco” and believe me, they ARE 🙂 HAHA. Here is a photo of Ryan with his buddy Traun pre-fishing. RYThey fished both Tourneys, the Little and Big Bisbees. Caught some fish too, but nothing that took them to the scale. Day 1 Ryan had what he thought was a game winning Blue Marlin on the line, after a few minutes…..she was gone. That was about all the action for Team Poco Loco. Kyle Newcomer was out on Nuevo with Cappy ALex and caught some fish, but no luck winning the game either. The winner was Team “Casa Hogar”, angler Omar Casteneda. He caught a 384 pound Blue Marlin. His team name was after the “Casa Hogar” here in Cabo, that is where his winnings were donated. The kids in that orphanage I’m sure are truly feeling blessed right now!

The weekend of the first tourney slowed down a little for catching in general. We were not seeing the number of Dorado that we were earlier in the week, nor the size. Gene Werning caught and released 2 Striped Marlin Sunday aboard ReelRum. Veteran angler Louie Peiracci fished with us for 3 days on Tantrum. He had some luck! He caught a total of 10 Dorado, 2 Striped Marlin and a Sailfish! Alex Sanchez and his dad had a great 2 days fishing on ReelRum. They were only out there 5 hours and caught Dorado the first day and a Sailfish and Striped Marlin the next! They were super excited as it was dad’s first ever billfish!SANCHEZ-2Stephen Henson had an amazing day fishing with Captain Ramon on ReelRum. They released 3 Striped Marlin and caught 6 Dorado, 2 of which were released. Veteran Joe Torolski was back at it Monday and Wednesday of this week. He had a great first day on board 19’s Toy Monday. He released 3 Striped Marlin, 1 Blue Marlin and caught a Dorado and a Wahoo. Day 2 he said was a little less action, only 2 Dorado, but it is better than a skunk 🙂 Our buddy Mike Loughrey was down and fished 4 days. He now has fish running out of the freezer (COME GET YOUR FISH MIKE!! JK). He caught 13 Dorado, a Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and released 3 Striped Marlin. Not a bad trip! Jayme Deis was back at it this week too, he FINALLY freed up some freezer space when he left this morning! They caught 7 Dorado and one Wahoo, but the big catch of the day was Thursday on Tantrum when they went about 23 miles outside of the lighthouse and caught four REALLy nice Tuna. No, I mean, NICE ones…. see for yourself!Jayme Deis - TUNASeee……. not bad, huh! We also had the Tripadvisor crew in fishing their annual Black & Green charity tournament. These guys always have lots of fun catching fish! The Baja Borrachos took the title again this year. They were fishing on El Nuevo with Captain Alex. These guys really enjoy their time here in Cabo and the Cabo kids appreciate their donations! Thanks Trip Advisor crew for supporting the people of Cabo!

Well folks, next big event is the WON Tuna Tournament that starts the 6th and 7th. RedRum has 9 boats this year entered in the tournament, wish us luck!!! Stay updated through our FB page!

Thanks for reading, I hope to report back with AWESOME winning news by the end of the week!!


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