Cabo San Lucas Fishing Tournaments Just Around The Corner

With big fish in the water, Cabo is itching to get the tournament season underway

The end of summer and beginning of fall means we are that much closer to “tournament time” in Cabo San Lucas. Starting in early October and running through the first week of November, each week features another major tournament and another huge check for the lucky anglers who take to the stage. With 4 major tournaments and over $5 million dollars changing hands throughout the tournament season, Cabo San Lucas will once again attract fishermen from all over the world. Hundreds of anglers, Captains and Mates will pull out every color lure, rub every lucky coin, and go through all the pre-tournament superstitions they have to hopefully raise the trophy and the check at the end of each weekend. The buzz around the marina can’t be ignored, with big fish making their way back to the marina each day, Cabo is getting antsy!

Kicking things off will be, as always, the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament from Oct 11th-15th, with three days of fishing. An IGFA World Championship qualifying event that has seen it’s winner move on to take the Championship several times, the LCB attracts some of the top teams from the area and around the world. While it’s moniker may deceive you, the LCB not only has a heaviest billfish and release division, but also Dorado, Tuna and Wahoo jackpots as well.

Next up are the two Cabo area Bisbee Tournaments, the Bisbee Offshore and the Bisbee Black and Blue. The Bisbee Offshore or “little Bisbee” runs from October 14th-16th with two days of fishing. The Bisbee Offshore, like the LCB has a release division, a heaviest Marlin division and a game fish division (Tuna and Dorado.) The Offshore, while nick-named the “little Bisbee” still brings big cash pay-outs for each of the different divisions. The Bisbee Offshore is also an IGFA Championship qualifying event.

The Bisbee Black and Blue, “the worlds richest fishing tournament,” runs from Oct 18th-22nd with three days of fishing. There’s no messing with the Dorado and Tuna here folks, unless you are trying to make bait. This tournament is all about the billfish. With only two divisions, heaviest fish and most releases the competition is fierce. With 6 daily jackpots ranging from $200 to $10,000 a day, the cash adds up quick and more million dollar pay-outs have come from this tournament than any other. The Bisbee Black and Blue is also and IGFA Championship qualifying event.

Finally, the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot with two days of fishing from November 2nd-5th rounds out the tournament season. For those that haven’t been a part of Western Outdoor News’ Tuna Jackpot, and don’t know much about it their slogan is and always has been “fish hard, party harder!” With events each night and two days of fishing, this is a tournament that attracts over 100 teams that love to come down to Cabo, enjoy the nightlife and let a few benjamins ride on the days catch. Marlin won’t win you any points during the WON Tuna Jackpot, which I learned in 2009 when I landed a 600+lb Black Marlin while trolling for Yellowfin, but it’s not only about the Tuna either. Dorado and Wahoo divisions always make things interesting and while the entry fee is super reasonable at $800, daily jackpots that reach $10,000 can be entered for those willing to party less and fish harder.

RedRum Sportfishing along with the rest of Cabo San Lucas is anxiously awaiting the beginning of the tournament season, and with teams that have taken the stage in all the tournaments mentioned above we have a lot to be excited about. If you are interested in fishing one of these tournaments or would like more information about them, please visit our website at or give us a call at 760-481-7667 and ask for Ryan (it’s a US number, but rings in Mexico.)

-Ryan Donovan
Team RedRum

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