Cabo San Lucas Fish Report-29 & 30

Hola amigos and a very happy Monday to you all 🙂

Debbie Phipps and hubby Craig were back at it today aboard RumRunnin this time. They enjoyed some inshore fishing and caught some Bonita and a Spanish Mackerel.

Matt Little and his crew boarded 2 of our 35′ Cabo’s the Marlin Queen and 19’s Toy. The guys on the Marlin Queen slayed it, catching 3 Striped Marlin, one of which, being Carlton’s first EVER Billfish and some SkipJacks. Not real sure what happened with the guys on 19’s Toy…. guess the fish did not like that boat!

Matt Shaw and Jessy Ardoin fished aboard Tantrum for the day and “caught” three Striped Marlin, which they lost right as they go to the boat. Which, technically, they were going to release them anyway, so we count that, right ?? 🙂

Kevin Wilkinsand Stacy Herrington fished aboard ReelRUm for the day. They caught, what must have been one of the biggest Jack Crevalle I have ever seen, and they also caught a Striped Marlin. I hope they send in a pic so you guys believe me!!

Oscar Vela and his party headed out on RedRum for the day. They had an awesome time catching a Striped Marlin and a Dorado.

Tuesday Bill Higgind and buddies headed out on RumRunnin for a full day and caught a nice sized Wahoo.

Brian Simmons and friend Jessica boarded ReelRum for a 1/2 day and caught 5 YellowTail and a ton of SkipJack.

The Dennards along with Jack Wilson went out on Tantrum for a 1/2 day as well. They caught a Dorado and also quite a few SkipJack.

Thank you guys for reading!!!!


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