Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – 8 & 9

Richard Chin and his crew opted for a 1/2 day aboard Tantrum. They had a good day, catching 2 Yellowfin and 1 Dorado.

James Wasson and his crew headed out on the Marlin Queen for a full day of fishing with Captain Chito. They had a great time catching and releasing a Striped Marlin, catching 3 Dorado and 2 Yellowfin.

Scott Cobb and his crew headed out on El Nuevo for the day with Captain Alex and Jesus. They caught 10 Yellowfin and it LOOKS like 3 Dorado – I could be wrong but that is what it LOOKS like 🙂

Jack and marilyn Langham booked two days aboard RumRunnin, Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday they caught 5 Dorado and were celebrating Marilyn’s birthday on Thursday – Happy Birthday Marilyn! They both caught and released a Marlin and caught 3 more Dorado.

Roel Trevino and his crew also headed out for two full days aboard RedRum with Omar and Americo. They did great the first day, catching and releasing 2 Striped Marlin and catching 3 Dorado, but did not have too much luck day 2.

Michael Williams and his family headed out on El Nuevo RedRum for a full day. They did great catching 12 Yellowfin and a Dorado.

David Alonso and his son David from Monterrey, MX were back with us again after having a good time previously here at RedRum. They had another great start to their Father/son outing, catching 5 Dorado and 3 Yellowfin. Awesome job guys!

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