Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – April 10th & 11th

Ok guys, so you know Wednesdays and Thurdays are my days off, so if I miss you or get it completely wrong, just comment me!! Gracias amigo’s!

A shared charter with Tom Catlin, Rich Hehn and Nathan Brown aboard RumRunnin did not do too bad, catching a Striped Marlin and a Skip Jack.

Marisa and Colin Muphy fished aboard Tantrum for the day and caught a Dorado a Skipjack and released a Striped Marlin.

Martin Belvarrama Sylvia Torres and Don and Lynda Snyder fished for two days, first aboard ReelRum where they lost a Striped Marlin and had no more luck, then aboard RumRunnin where they caught a Marlin and a Dorado. Finally 🙂 Great job guys!!~

John Childs and Kelli Bestwick fished with us aboard Reelrum after being sent back to base on Tuesday by the Port Captain for too much wind. They were hopeful that the day would bring some fish. Well it brought A fish. A Dorado to be exact.

David Stumpe and friends fished aboard Tantrum for a full day a caught a Striped Marlin, 1 Dorado and 2 Yellofin Tuna which were released.

Last but not least, we had Chris and Diane Fyrberg aboard RedRum for the day. They caught 7 Yellowfin Tuna. I REALLY hope that is a good sign!!

Thanks for reading, and remember, correct me if I am wrong!!


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