Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – April 13 – 19

Not too shabby this week folks!! Still a little slow some days, but the Marlin bite picked up a little this week – mainly out on the Cortez side between the 1150 & 95 bank. Bottom fishing on the Pacific has been fair to midland as well.

The Krietlows, friends of our buddy Jayme Deis out of South Dakota, fished with us for 3 days this week and had pretty good luck each day they fished. They were out with RumRunnin the first and last day and Tantrum on Wednesday. Day one they caught the first Mako of the season – which was released because the Mex govt. is not allowing the harvesting of any shark until further notice….They also released a Striped Marlin and boated a Dorado. Wednesday they killed it, each releasing a Striped Marlin, and Friday they shared the fate quite a few anglers had this week and unfortunately came back empty handed. They will be back though! David Kiger was back around and fished for 1/2 day on ReelRum. They bottom fished on the Pacific side and picked up a few smaller species. The Dueys were a couple of our unlucky anglers that came back empty this week. The fished Tantrum on Monday. Our buddy Wade Braseth, who is a veteran RedRUm angler went out Tuesday targeting Dorado, then Marlin. He had no luck either. Jeff Marshall fared a little better fishing on ReelRum for 2 days, Tuesday and Thursday, where they released a Striped Marlin on day 1 and boated 2 Dorado day 2. Coutney Hall and crew had a good 1/2 day on RedRum Wednesday releasing a Striped Marlin.

There were about 4 more boats this weekend who saw no fish, but we did not have a lot more charters either, when the people hear the fishing is slow, we are slow too!! Some of the other boats did not fair so bad! Anthony Lanphier fished on El Nuevo Friday and caught 2 Dorado and released a nice Striped Marlin. Cole Cummings and crew fished on 19’s Toy and also released a Striped Marlin as did our buddy Dean Beech who likes to fish on RedRum with Oscar and Omar. Don Crosby and friends fished on RumRunnin Saturday, he caught a really nice Striped Marlin and was ecstatic! We are happy to have been a part of fulfilling his Marlin dream!! He also made close friend with our buddy Poncho, haha! Don CrosbyDON Armando Gonzalez and friends did a 1/2 day on El Nuevo, they boated a Dorado. Sunday we had Shawn Jordan and clan on El Nuevo with Alex and Charlie. They enjoyed lots of luck and 2 hungry Striped MArlin, which they released to fight another day! Hopefully those folks who saw no fish this week will be back during high fishing season and have a little more luck on their side!!

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