Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – April 14 – 20

Hola everybody! We had a pretty slow week this week in Cabo, not really just with the fishing, but the charters were down this week. We normally see a small lull Easter week, everyone is done with Spring break and most folks spending time at grandma’s house for Easter dinner 🙂 We hope you all had a great week!

We had a full moon this week and I think people must have known, because we did not have a single boat go out on the 15th, the day of the full moon. The day before was not too shabby and the moon was bright that night too. Best boat on Monday was Mike Tooker, they had a great day, releasing 3 Striped Marlin. They were pleased that they had decided to upgrade from a Panga boat, especially since we are not seeing much action on the inshore, not to mention the wind out there this week – SHEESH!

Still had issues this week with our 1/2 days boats bein all skunky out there. It is so much of a fight just to land one right now, you really have to put the time in to do it! Hopefully, this will all be changing VERY soon as our water temperature continues to increase and the fish start to come in closer.

Friday had to be the best day of the week, with all but one boat catching, a 1/2 day boat :(. Ken Scneider and his crew had a great day releasing a Striped Marlin, catching 2 Dorado and a nice sized Mako Shark. Brad and Jennifer Boehm worked it out on RUmRUnnin with the Jesus’s each releasing a Marlin and bringing back a Dorado for dinner. The other three boats we had out each released a Striped Marlin and Rachel Vear on EL Nuevo was the lone 1/2 day boat this week that landed a fish. A beauty and her first!Rachel, Marlin2, 4_14_18

I can’t sign of without mentioning the Mallet family. They were down fishing for 3 days, mostly Dave’s son’s but even Dave’s daughter made it out one morning to catch about 8 bonitas along the inshore – nice job for her. Each son caught a nice fish, a Striped Marlin and one also reeled in a nice Mako shark the first day. They had a lot of fun on that trip, I am sure they made some memories that will not fade anytime soon!

Thanks everybody for reading!


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