Cabo San Lucas Fish Report April 14th – 20th


The FIW was taken from a recent photoshoot of our recently improved 28′ boats TantRum and ReelRum!  Our local buddy, Hutch Bustamante did a phenomenal job taking some great pictures to upload on the site.  

Thursday, April 14th: Kieran Sanchez and his buddy John Cricksen headed out on TantRum in hopes for hooking into some Yellowfin.  Unfortunately the conditions haven’t completely turned and the boys had a slower day than expected.  David Farrow and his team headed out with Alex on El Nuevo and reeled in a Yellowfin as well as a Dorado!

Friday, April 15th: Susan Sieger set up charters on RedRum and RumRunnin today and each team was able to Catch & Release a Striped Marlin.  The folks on RedRum estimated that the one they released was over 7′ long!  Nice job Susan!!

Saturday, April 16th: Captain Jesus, in typical Jesus style, got on the Yellowfin after weeks without any reports of them!  Long-time RedRum angler Ethel Olorenshaw and her husband Wally hopped onboard with Jesus and were glad they did!  The 4 Yellowfin they reeled in were just enough for them to share for dinner and store a little in the freezer!  Well done guys!  Offshore fishing enthusiast Krista Hampton was praying that Captain Ramon would pull a “rabbit out of the hat” and find a school of Dorado on her 1/2 day charter on ReelRum.  After a few hours of trying she settled for some Seabass and Snapper on the inshore bite!  Ernie Robles and his friends landed a Yellowfin on TopGun while Dirksen and Garret Lehman released a Thresher Shark from TantRum.

Sunday, April 17th: Two half-day charters headed out of A-Dock today and stayed plenty busy catching Triggerfish, Snapper and Grouper up the Pacific side.

Monday, April 18th: The same report came in for Monday as all signs of Marlin or Tuna had completely fallen off the radar.  Our groups were still able to have a great time with their crews catching Snapper, Grouper and other Inshore fish.  The Boehm Party fishing on ReelRum kept Captain Juan and Mate Julian plenty busy catching over 25 fish on their half-day charter!

Tuesday, April 19th: Captain Alex on El Nuevo brought a little luck with him (or maybe the Craigs did) today!  The Team of 4 headed out and were able to Catch & Release 2 nice Striped Marlin.  After not seeing any billfish for a few days it was nice to finally see those Blue/Red flags flying!  The Flanagans fishing a half-day excursion with Captain Juan landed 5 Grouper and 8 Triggerfish before heading back in.

Wednesday, April 20th: More 5 hour charters, more fish being picked up on the inshore bite!  The Hudson and Wiley parties were happy with their mixed bags of Snapper, Grouper, Rockfish and Triggerfish.

I’m sure as you are reading you’re probably thinking “man, it’s tough fishing down there right now”.. In fact, it is pretty tough right now but as most of you know March-April aren’t necessarily our 5-star months for fishing.  The crews, office staff and boats are working hard to make sure we are doing everything possible to meet all expectations.

We know that fishing with RedRum is a choice and although we can’t always control the fishing that mother nature provides us with, we still want to make you feel like part of the RedRum Family!



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