Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – April 15th ,16th , 17th

Darren and Yvonne Swanson were onboard RedRUm for the day this Monday. They caught 8 SkipJack.

Travis and John Oliver along with Denis Flynn and Scott Demoss boarded Tantrum for the day and had some luck. They caught a Dorado, a Yellowfin Tuna and they released a Roosterfish.

Hunter and Anayanzin Harmon along with friend Joshua Roepkefished aboard ReelRum for a full day. They caught a nice Dorado.

MAtt Cloninger and clan fished aboard El Nuevo RedRUm for the day with Alex and Jesus. They had some luck catching the only Striped Marlin for the day.

Jet Dean and his pals opted for a 1/2 day aboard RumRUnnin, and these boys came back with nada. Hopefully next trip!!

Nick and Krystie Sykes, nice couple and Krystie from my home state of NC, I was hoping the best for them. They fished their first of two days with us aboard a Panga with Captain Carlos on Tuesday. They caught 2 Yellowtail and 1 Spanish Mackerel, they lost 3 more.

Also on Tuesday was Brian Jackson and his sons Luke and Keller along with David Curtis and James Warren. They did not make it out there very long, but the time they were out there, they did plenty of catching. They caught a bunch of SkipJack and a Spanish Mackerel. Check out Keller with one of his fish!KellerSkipjack(1)

Mathan Miller and buddies who are down for a trip with their company had a lot of fun on the water with Julian and Ramon on ReelRum. They caught 4 Yellowtail, 2 Dorado and a ton of SkipJack.

I missed what Jeremy RObinson and his friends did aboard El Nuevo RedRUm, so if you are reading this, clue us in!!

Wednesday is a little hard to tell, because I was not here and I have no report for Thursday, but Wednesday looked a little like this.

Gregor and Erica Kevrekian fished aboard ReelRum for a half day and caught a Yellowtail.

Paul O’Donnell, Adam Morales and Dane and Travis Oliver fished aboard El Nuevo for a half day and had lots of luck, catching 4 Yellowtail and a Dorado.

Bonnie and William Hart fished aboard Tantrum for a full day and caught three Dorado.

Thank you for reading!!


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