Cabo San Lucas Fish Report April 21 – 27

Hola amigos!! Not a whole lot of new news to report this week, still same ol’ same ol’. You gotta do the full day to catch some fish, my 1/2 day boats still not having a lot of luck. It was a pretty slow week for the fishing around here this week as well, not a ton of boats going out. Not to mention it was so windy Thursday morning that the Port closed until late morning and was not good for our fishermen!!

We did have a few anglers willing to bite the bullet and head out in this spotty April fishing though. Early in the week we had the Delmonte’s along with friend Matt on board 19’s Toy Monday. They were fishing out by the 1150 spot on the Cortez side and managed to find some hungry Striped Marlin. They released 2. The best Marlin catch of the week had to be on Wednesday with Jeffrey Scotto and his group fishing on ReelRum with Ramon and Julian. They released 3 Striped Marlin and were also fishing on the Cortez.

We also caught a couple of nice Dorado early in the week as well. Looks like the Dorado bite might finally be picking back up to settle in for the season! Everybody likes some nice Mahi Mahi tacos! Long time buds Lemont Heist and Lyle Fruchey fished with Captain Omar on RedRum Wednesday and caught 2 nice Dorado. They enjoyed plenty of taco’s, I’m sure 🙂 Kyle FrucheyLyle Fruchey

The winds were so bad Thursday morning that the Port Captain decided to close it down until about 8.30AM. Boats that decided to wait it out, may have wished they did not! We only had a couple of the boats that made it out come back with a catch! The story did not change much throughout the weekend, but the highlight had to be on Sunday. The Grimley family was in and ready to head out on El Nuevo RedRum for the day. It was Mom’s birthday and she pointed out a sailfish in my office. “I’m gonna catch THAT!” she said. I explained that it was not really time yet for the Sailfish, but boy did she make me look like a fool! She came back and said, “I did it!”. And she sure did, a HUGE Sailfish, beautiful! She released it to fight another day. I guess, I will be careful what I say in the future! Anything is possible in Cabo.

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