Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – April 22-24

Monday morning Steve and Liza Duncan along with friends Link and Carla Forrester headed out on ReelRum for the day. After having no luck with the Yellowtail on the inshore like we have been having previously, they headed about 28 miles out and caught a Dorado and released a Striped Marlin.

Robert Farris and Rory Daughton braved the day on Tantrum looking for the same Yellowtail, but ended up catching a bunch of SkipJack.

Carolyn and Cayetano Silva were on board RedRum for a half day, they too were fated with about 7 SkipJack.

Tuesday, Greg Kieso, Alyson Goldberg and Kevin and Melissa Hill headed out on RedRum for a 1/2 day, they caught a Yellowfin Tuna.

Jo Picarello, Jenn Kong and Terry Ottoson headed out on Tantrum for a 1/2 day and caught 2 Dorado.

Jack Jones and Katherine Dean fished aboard ReelRun for a full day and caught a Striped Marlin. These newlyweds had a great time! Congrats guys!!

Scott Porter and his crew boarded RumRUnnin for a full day. Unfortunately, their day was full of fishing, but no catching. Hopefully next time!

1st Rate energy from Canada have a company trip for three days aboard 4 of our boats, starting this Tuesday. Day one was not so hot, with one boat getting skunked, the other boats catching 2 Mako Shark, 2 Dorado a Striped Marlin and a Skip Jack. Day two, Wednesday, they did a little better, catching 5 Striped Marlin, 4 Yellowtail, 3 SkipJack, 4 Amberjack and a Roosterfish. MUCH better day for these guys. They will be back at it again tomorrow.

Chris Green, Bill Rief, Bruce Rankin and both John Jensens fished abordRedRum for a 1/2 day. They caught 3 Yellowtail and a Dorado.

Groom Gilbert Veasey along with Pops, Gilbert Sr., Kimberly Veasey (Happy Birthday Kimberly), Ryan and Echelle Radicioni and Josh Fernandez were out on RumRUnnin with the Jesus’s. They did not do too bad, catching a Yellowtail and some SkipJack. They said they had tons of fun though watching all the sea life.

Scott Schell and his group headed out on Colleen’s Magic for a full day with Captain Chary and Antonio. They lost 3 Striped Marlin, bit finally managed to get one to the boat before releasing it.

Last but not least, we had Andrew Pimental aboard our Panga boat with Captain Carlos. His sis-in-law Maren joined him and they caught 7 Spanish Mackerel, 3 Dorado and a bunch of SkipJacks. What a great day these guys had!!

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