Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – April 28 – May 4

Not too shabby the fishing this week, though there were some peaks and valleys! I would say Saturday was one of those valleys when we had 3 boats fishing, none of which had any luck out there. It was a barren site with 80% of the boats on our side of the marina came back flag free. Thank goodness it was not that way all week! The hot bite has remained the same, for Striped Marlin as has the hot spot, Sea of Cortez between the 95 and 1150 spot.

Kristi Guinn braved a full day of fishing solo, she wanted a Striped Marlin and she was lucky! She fished on ReelRum with Cappy Ramon and mate Julian. She was thrilled with her catch and headed back in with one more thing checked off her bucket list!Kristi Guinn There was quite a few more solo Marlin catches in the beginning of the week. Thursday it got a little better where 2 boats, El Nuevo with Russell Bowden and his crew and Tantrum carrying Ryan Leahy and Emily each released 2 Striped Marlin, Mike Jackson on RumRunnin was one of the few 1/2 day boats that came back happy, he released a Striped Marlin and boated a nice Wahoo and Frank Kapriva and Lou Wheeler, veteran Rum anglers brought back 2 Dorado.

Friday, we had a panga boat go out on the inshore of the Pacific for the 5 hour day with Duke Deaton catching 3 Roosterfish, a Dorado, Jack Crevalle and a Hammerhead shark! I guess the inshore bite is not too bad either, we just don’t know sometimes because with the Marlin bite so hot, that is where the people normally head. 3 boats, Nuevo, RedRum and Colleens Magic, carrying lone angler Jeff Clinkscales came back after releasing 3 Marlin a piece and Robert Carrington got lucky solo fishing, releasing a Striped Marlin and catching one of the few Yellowfin Tuna we have seen in a while. It was a nice one too, around 30 lbs. We had 2 half day boats with the same group that came back empty handed, which is no fun 🙁 John Donovan and his bro Jim fished on 19’s Toy with buddy Mason Tenaglia. Because the bite was a little slow during the week, they decided to take the boat up the East Cape to see if they could do better. And they did! They caught some Dorado and Wahoo. You can see the smile on “Jefe’s” face with one of his fave fishes aboard.John - Dorado-9

We ended the week with a huge wedding party fishing out on 4 boats. The groom, Graham Ure from Canada, caught one of 5 Striped Marlin with the group. He wrote, ” thank you very much for the successful trip on May 4th. Everyone had a good time with 5 stripped marlin being caught (all 5 were first bill fish for the fisherman, inlcuding the brides Grandpa Paul and Uncle Len) everyone was happy. We had the one boat that didn’t catch a fish but i found out after that, 2 of the people on the boat with over 40 hrs of fishing together on different rivers/lakes and now ocean have never caught a fish together, they both can catch fish apart but just not together, they saw a couple Marlin and still had a good time.” Haha, we won’t let those 2 fish together next time!! Congrats Graham, we wish you all the best!Ghraham Ure

Well, that about does it for this time! Thank you guys for reading.


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