Cabo San Lucas Fish Report April 6 – 12

Hola everybody!

I know y’all are looking for a turn around in my reporting, but it looks like it’s not changing too much this week! We did have a bit of a pick up in the number of fish we were catching, but not the “desirable” species per se….. Well, such is life! It is always fun to reel in a fish, no matter what it is!

Jason Ewing was back with us this year on one of our “Stay & Play” packages that he won at a CCA charity auction. His family is super nice. They caught lot’s when they were here last time, November, which is a hotter time to fish Cabo for sure! BUT, you can not beat the beautiful weather this time of year. He caught some small fish day one and son John really wanted to catch a Marlin, so they focused on that day 2 and had no luck. They will be back this coming November though, so we really hope we can get John his first Billfish! Little slow going at the beginning of the week as far as charters went. We had a 1/2 day boat go out on Monday, Carl Jensen, he caught a Jack Crevalle – fun to catch, not so much to eat!! Ryan Donovan went out with some friends on 19’s Toy and they had no luck at all!! 🙁 Stacey and Robert Childers did a 1/2 day as well on Tantrum and boated a Spanish Mackerel as did Todd Gronski and family on our other 28′ boat, ReelRum. Wednesday picked up a bit, with father/son trip the Lill’s and Vertetis’s on Reelrum for a 1/2 day. They caught 20 Spanish Mackere, 5 Jack Crevalle and a couple of SkipJack. Bill Cook and friends boated 18 Spanish Mackerel, an AmberJack, released 3 Jack Crevalle and 4 SkipJack. Stephen Henry and crew also boated a bunch of Spanish Mackerel, some SkipJack and they lost a Striped Marlin. Austin Murphy and his buds had a banner 1/2 day on Thursday with the Jesus’s releasing 2 Striped Marlin. Marvin Silverman and fam also had a great day aboard Tantrum, releasing 2 Striped Marlin as well and boating 7 Spanish Mackerel and a Skipjack. Jason Clarke and buddy boated lot’s of Spanish Mackerel and an Amberjack on Thursday. Philip Linaugh also had a day of “catching” with 5 Spanish Mackerel, 2 Bonita, 2 Skipjack and 2 Jack Crevalle. Anthony Godack and crew fished on 19’s Toy for the day. They had a spectacular time catching a Bonita, 10 Spanish Mackerel, 3 Skipjack, 1 Jack Crevalle a Dorado and a Striped Marlin! Check out the photos of a couple of their catches….the one on the right being that Jack Crevalle that has been popping up all over this blog…Godack StripeJack Crevalle Thursday was absolutely the best day this week with Ron Brelinski enjoying it as well on ReelRum. He boated 15 Spanish Mackerel, 6 Skipjack an AmberJack, 2 Jack Crevalle and they released a Striped Marlin. Rick Bothmer was one of the only boats that had any luck on Friday as the feeding frenzy dies down a bit. He caught 11 Spanish Mackerel, a Jack Crevalle a Bonita and a Skip Jack. Andrea Frascone went out with her son and a friend, they left a little later in the morning and fished close in, maybe that was the key! They caught 3 Spanish Mackerelo and an Amberjack. All the other boats had poor luck Saturday. Sunday we had an upturn with none of the boats gettin’ shut out. Eric Morrow and Todd Tolbert fished off one of our Pangas and boated the only 2 Dorado of the day, they also caught 5 Bonita. The Bardens fished on RedRum for a 1/2 day and caught 3 Triggerfish and a Spanish Mackerel. William Wheaton (Not THAT Will Wheaton! LOL) fished off 19’s Toy with his buddies and released the only Striped Marlin of the day. The Frybergs had a pretty good show with 5 Triggerfish, 6 Spanish Mackerel and 3 Skipjack. Ben Schovajsa and his group were back with us after having to re-shedule from their trip planned when Odile hit. October is a great time to fish in Cabo and said next time, they will get here then!! They fished Friday and caught 3 Spanish Mackerel and Sunday 2 Jack Crevalle. They were a super nice group of people from Texas.

Well, thank y’all for reading my report again, I will be back next week to give you the low down again!


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