Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – April 7 – 13

Good day everybody! It has been a beautiful week in Cabo San Lucas and if your life long dream has been to catch a Marlin, this week would have been the one to be fishing in Cabo! Lot’s of happy anglers this week with 90% of all boats catching at least one Striped Marlin and some catches in the multiples.

It has still been beautiful this week, I guess winter just passed us by without stopping in to give us even a little chill! Well, there is never much of a real winter here anyway!!

We actually caught a few nice Dorado this week as well, right around where we are pulling in the Marlin. Mostly Cortes side between the 95 & 1150 bank and down around the “Herradura”. Long time RedRum angles, the Zeitners, fished on ReelRum for their final of 3 days with Cappy Ramon and mate Julio. The rounded out their trip by boating 2 Dorado and releasing 2 Striped Marlin, their trip total, Marlin: 6, Dorado: 3. Not too shabby for April! Buddy Jeff James was out on 19’s Toy with his son hoping to get into some action after being shut out last time he was out fishing with us. He said, this trip went above and beyond this time! He and son released 5 Striped Marlin before calling it a day!

Mike Schweitzer and crew were fishing aboard Tantrum and released a few Stripes, here is a photo of Mike, this one is too good not to post! Mike Sweitzer

There really were not any other species had this week by RedRum anglers, when the bite is this hot for the Marlin, people generally go right for them! We had quite a few other 4 Marlin boats this week, but again, the few 1/2 day boats we had did not have a lot of luck, this time of year, if you want to fish, you gotta put in the time my friends, COMMIT!! 🙂

Last but not least, I will leave you with Brown Delozier’s “fish story”, they fished on Nuevo with Captain Alex and Carlos, his word’s, not mine – you heard it here….. “We went 4 for 5 on Marlin, I actually caught my largest striped marlin ever, on stand up as well, just after being broke off, literally breaking the hook in half, by we all believe may have been a black marlin in the 3 or 400 lb range!! I got it near the boat but once it decided to leave it never stopped after 10 jumps all straight away from the boat and never looked back!!! Wow, that was cool. David Seaman and Matt O’Sullivan both caught their first marlin and were thrilled. My fish, pictured, went nearly 10′ according to the string we cut to measure it!!”Brown Delozier marlin-1 Now YOU be the judge of that one! Congrats guys!!

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