Cabo San Lucas Fish Report April 7th – 13th

Wahoo - YonkersThe FIW comes off of RumRunnin with Captain Jesus and First Mate Jesus.  Captain Kim Yonkers (right) and his buddies pulled this beautiful Wahoo out on a half-day charter on 4/13!  Nice catch!  

Things seen to be slowly heating back up for us down here as the water temperatures seem to be shaping up for the better and reports of nice blue water are coming through from our captains and mates.  Surface temperatures are ranging from 70-75 degrees depending on where with most of our catches happening around the San Jaime (lower 70 degrees).  

Thursday, April 7th:  TerriLynn and Brent Dornburg spent the first of their 2 days with us on 19’s Toy and although they didn’t have any luck off shore came in and picked away at some bottom fish for a little action late in the afternoon.  Meanwhile, the Coobs/Shan shared charter headed out and landed a nice Striped Marlin on ReelRum with Captain Ramon.

Friday, April 8th: Wade Brawley fished on RumRunnin and he and his group had a great time releasing a Striped Marlin!  The Marlin was caught about 15 miles South of the Marina.

Saturday, April 9th:  The boys on TantRum wrestled with a Lemon Shark that estimated to be around #200 with Stephen Yohn and his friend Mike Ek. Sean Cavin and his two teams headed out on RedRum and Top Gun where they spent their half-day charters on the inshore.  Fighting with Rooster, Sierra, Grouper and Snapper!

Sunday, April 10th: Our local buddy and fishing fanatic “Guillermo” fished on RumRunnin today in hopes of finding a few yellowfin tuna for he and his buddies.  They were on the right boat with the right crew as the Jesus’ got after it and landed 4 nice Yellowfin for our amigo!  Helen Hua decided on a late start and had fun with Ulises and Oscar on RedRum as they fished the coastline heading North on the Pacific.

Monday, April 11th: The Sieger party was happy with their results after making a decision to fish San Jaime with Jesus and Jesus on RumRunnin.  The group gathered 7 Yellowfin on their 1st of 2 charters with us.  The next coming up on the 15th!  Father-Son duo Paul and James Worthington from Pasco City, FL – CCA had their 1st of 2 days on the water with Alex and Ramon.  They were looking for Billfish and Captain Alex made it happen.  They released a Striped Marlin at around 1:30 in the afternoon!

Tuesday, April 12th:  The Worthingtons headed out for day 2 hoping to have the same results as day 1.  Captain Alex and Ramon were able to make it happen again.  Almost at exactly the same time as yesterday a Striped Marlin hit a live bait tossed by Mate Ramon.  Dad was able to bring the Marlin to the boat after a little fight and claims, of course, that his was bigger than his sons the day before!

Wednesday, April 13th: Mr. Bracken fished solo on TantRum and had 1 great Yellowtail and 8 Grouper all to himself with Juan and Humberto there to cheer him on!  The Gordons also caught a Yellowtail and some large Grouper on their Half-Day charter on ReelRum with Captain Ramon.  The catch of the day came off of RumRunnin.  Captain Kim Yonkers and his friends landed the nice Wahoo (FIW)!  Lastly, Omar and Oscar released a Striped Marlin with Mr. Hemphill fishing solo as well!

Things seem to be moving in the right direction for our Spring Fishing to pick up so no better time than now to get down here and hop on any of our boats!

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