Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Aug 6 & 7

Joseph Keiffer and Deborah Watson headed out on El Nuevo for the day. This being their first fishing tripe in Cabo, they were hoping for big things! Cabo definitely delivered! They caught and released a 160lb Striped Marlin, 5 Dorado – Deborah caught a 30 puonder, 6 Yellowfin and 5 Skipjack… Whew… That makes me tired just typing it!!

Rafael and Marlo Espejo opted for a half day aboard RedRum with Omar and Americo. They had a great day, catching and releasing a Striped Marlin and boating 4 Dorado and 1 Yellowfin.

Joe and Joe Kokoszka headed out on Big Papi for a full day fore a Father/son fidhing trip they had a great time, each catching and releasing a Striped Marlin, and boating 7 Yellowfin and 4 Dorado.

Mark and Jake Spencer, Bryan and Andy Mott and Eric and Dana Veitch headed out on the Marlin Queen for a 1/2 day and caught 2 Dorado. Jake caught the big one 🙂

On Tuesday, David Nightingale and his family headed out on RumRunnin for the day. Melissa and Brooke each caught a nice size Striped Marlin, they also caught 3 Dorado, David caught the baby one, which he released to grow up big and strong…. Thanks David!

Ron and Tyler Barrentine along with Trent and Miller Emmons headed out on RedRum for a half day of fishing. They caught 2 Yellowfin and 3 Dorado.

John and Janienne Brey and Jon and Holly Lutterman were off on Tantrum for a full day with Captain Manuel and Edgar. They had an awesome day, each one catching and releasing a Striped Marlin and boating 2 nice size Dorado.

Carla Sapienza and her family along with the Behringer crew headed out on the Marlin Queen for the day. They had a great time with Nick, Mia and Bobby each catching a Striped Malrin, Paul catching a Sailfish and they also boated 6 Dorado and 2 Yellowfin. Great, great day of fishing.

Kyle Cracknell and son Tate went out on one of our partner boats, Cabo Chica for the day. Tate, who is 9 caught his first Striped Marlin weighing around 110lbs, AND a 35lb Dorado. They also caught 3 more Yellowfin Tuna.

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