Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – August 1-3

Lucky anglers the first were as follows, sorry guys I have no catch info on the 2nd, so that day is missing…..

Wednesday, 1st

Captain/Mate: Omar/Americo
Anglers:Don Abernathy, Matthew Ballesteros, Nathan Ballestertos, Lorena Gabriel ^Sofia Penzi
Catch: 2 Striped Marlin – Released 6 Yellowfin

Boat: Tantrum
Captain/Mate: Manuel/Edgar
Anglers:Michael Van Appelton, Jessica Damm
Catch: 10 Yellowfin

Boat: El Nuevo RedRum & RumRunnin
Captain/Mate: Alex/Jesus & Jesus 3/Jesus 1
Anglers: Minh Vu, Vu Le, Cathy Nguye, Jason & Duong Carroll
Catch: 2 Striped Marlinm, 13 Yellowfin Tuna

Boat: ReelRum
Captain/Mate: Ramon/Juan
Anglers: Logan & Laine Havel
Catch: 1 Striped Marlin & 1 Dorado

Wednesday, August 3

Boat: Nuevo
Captain/Mate: Alex/Jesus
Anglers: Chris & Bethel GIlmore, Crystal & Darrell Paissance, Elizabeth & Chris Grabert
Catch: 9 Yellowfin, 2 Dorado, 1 Striped Marlin

Boat: Tantrum
Captain/Mate: Manuel/Omar
Anglers: Phillip Brandt
Catch: NADA – He did get a LOT the first day out with his wife, but the second day went hunting Blue Marlin and unfortunately, had no luck…

Boat: ReelRum
Captain/Mate: Ramon/Juan
Anglers: Ken & Scott Kay, Quin Vidrim
Catch: 1 Striped Marlin – caught by Scott, 150lb, 2 Dorado & 2 Yellowfin

Boat: Big Papi & Marlin Queen
Captain/Mate: Julio/Ulysses & Chito/Manny
Anglers: Steve Wylder party
Catch: 6 Dorado/1 Yellowfin & 2 Dorado/2 Striped Marlin

Boat: RumRunnin (1/2 day)
Captain/Mate: Jesus 3 & Jesus 1
Anglers: Landon Turner/Mike Tooms and all the Bohacs
Catch: 1 Striped Marlin weighin in at 110 lbs

Captain/Mate: Omar/Americo
Anglers: Kit Ly, Teo Jiminez, Tommy Bach, Josh Benjamin
Catch: 2 Yellowfin

Boat: Colleens magic
Captain/Mate: Chaty/Tony
Anglers: Garth Teel Party
Catch: 2 Dorado & 1 Striped Marlin

Thank you for reading!!

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