Cabo san Lucas Fish Report – August 18

Hola amigos! What awesome fishing we have been having, when the weather warms up, there is just no bad days fishing in Cabo, none… ever…… :0)

Narbeh Bandary and Robert Terogansyan pulled off a half day on RedRum with Omar and Americo, these guys had an awesome 5 hours on the water with each one catching & releasing a Sailfish and catching 3 more Yellowfin and lots of Bonita.

La familia Baumhover led by Gretchen and Greg were off on the Marlin Queen with daughters in tow, Alexis, Isabella, Natalia and Elliana. These guys were in from VA. Unfortunately, a little sea sickness took hold, but not before they were able to catch and release a nice Striped Marlin. Good job guys!!

Mother and son Felicia and Chris Ferguson headed out on RumRunnin for their second day on the water. They had a great time and caught 10 Yellowfin Tuna. They were super nice people who we will surely see again.

Ryan and dan Quinn along with Erica Homer, Clint Slimek and Mary La Vernae took off on El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus for the day. Coming all the way fro Jersey, these guys were enjoying the cabo sunshine and caught 4 Yellowfin and a Dorado.

Last but most definitely not least, we had Robert and Bruce Burkhardt fishing their first of two days aboard Tantrum. They both pulled in HUGE Dorados, Bruce’s a 48 incher and Roberts 64. Check them out in the photo…..NICE!! They also caught 9 more Yellofin and a couple of Skipjack.

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