Cabo San Lucas Fish Report- August 22nd/23rd

Sorry to get this up late, things have been crazy busy down here, but that is bueno right?

Mike Hunter and his lovely girlfriend Blake Williams joined us on the TantRum today (22nd) and had a great time fishing. For “OU” fans, they were pretty nice people 🙂 Mike and Blake landed 6 Yellowfin and 6 Skipjack on the day. Mike really wanted a billfish and even called the next afternoon to try to get out for a half day afternoon trip. I told him it wasn’t in his best interest and I thought we would leave it at that. As it happens, we end up seeing Mike and Blake at the Hacienda Cocina and Cantina two days later. We were having dinner and they ended up at the table next to us. Mike admitted that he walked the marina and got a “deal” to go out the afternoon I advised him not to. He said it was a huge mistake and will be back fishing with RedRum next time, looking for that Billfish. Good Stuff, great people.

Bill Wilson and Martin Cremer fished both the 22nd and the 23rd and they absolutely hammered the Yellowfin. We are all about conservation and following the guidelines for the amount of fish we keep, but these two guys landed 16 Yellowfin on day 1 and 28 on day 2!!! Awesome Yellowfin bite!

Had some San Diego boys down with us to fish the 38′ Blackfin with Captain Chady and they had a killer day. 2 Dorado, 2 Sailfish, and 8 Tuna for Brian, Matt and Greg Schmid, David Froney and Greg Dale. Even had a former Torrey Pines High School Falcon in their group, one of my alma maters high school wise. Go Falcons!

John Elkjer, Ed Condrey, Jeff Myers, and Brian Thomas spent the day fishing with Captain Daniel on the Marlin Queen. Capt Danny hasn’t been 100% healthy recently, but made a herculean effort to join some old clients for a great day on the water. They could have nailed the Tuna all day they said, but they were focused on Billfish! Unfortunately, no bites.

Corbin Brooks and his buddy Brian fished with Edgar and Manuel and landed 9 Tuna and 1 Striped Marlin.

On the El Nuevo, Elgin and Teresa Lee and Robert and Dana Peavy were headed back to the Portofino Condos to cook up some of the 2 Dorado and 6 Yellowfin that they landed.

Finally, I had some local buddies, Gonzalo, Traun, Ruben, Gus and Gaby fish aboard RedRum today with Omar and Americo. They had a blast catching, releasing and swimming with a Sailfish and also loading up on enough Tuna and Dorado to feed a small army. If you’ve been to a dinner in Mexico at someone’s house it can quickly turn into a small army. It is common for half of your guests that you invite to bring at least one or two more people with them, completely normal. Luckily they had enough fish to feed everyone! Gonzalo is working on a killer video from their day on the water!

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