Cabo San Lucas Fish Report August 23rd – August 30th

Hello RedRum Family!  Apologies for the few days I fell behind on the report!  The beginning of the month has kept us busy getting boats ready for “tournament season” down here!  It’s an exciting time to see the big guns come out and get dusted off, ready for another season!  The boys spent the week, when not fishing, making lists and checking them twice as to get everything in tip top order for competition the next few months!

Back to the report…

We pick up where we left off on Sunday August 23rd with the Hatcher Group from the Houston Big Game Fishing Club.  Mr. Hatcher brought his family down to fish for a couple of days aboard El Nuevo with Captain Alex.  On their first outing Alex and Charly were able to get the group into a nice Sailfish for a Catch and Release.  I was lucky enough to spend some time on the water as well!  I fished with Omar and Oscar on RedRum and I must say I was impressed with the boat, the tackle and especially the crew!  Since the day was slow I decided to head out and see what we could do, we fished outside of the Lighthouse for a few hours and were back to the Marina by 11:00am with 4 Yellowfin Tuna and 3 Dorado!

Monday there was a large school of Yellowfin Tuna at a spot around the Pacific Ocean that is called the San Jaime Bank.  ReelRum was the first to get on the school and landed 3 nice Yellowfin for Ted Gonzalez.  Ted was fired up about his day fishing and had a great time, next time we will get you that big Marlin you’re after!!  Alex and Charly had Jimmy Hatcher and his family fish their 2nd Day on El Nuevo and also caught a nice Yellowfin and a few other small Skip-Jack! Jesus/Jesus fished took out Luke Munro and his group on RumRunnin, they caught and released a nice Striped Marlin.  Captain Gaba and Mate Noe brought in the Catch of the Day aboard 19’s Toy with a nice Yellowfin “Grande”! Thank you to the Viator party for fishing with us!  Hope you guys had a great time.

On Tuesday there was a little lull in the action as only 2 of the RedRum boats headed out to fish.  ReelRum had no suerte while fishing with Mike Popejoy, the first of his 3 days with Ramon and Julian.  The RumRunnin boys took out Joshua Pittsley and his party and caught a Yellowfin Tuna around the same spot that the boys were the day before.  Mr. Popejoy had a day of redemption fishing with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum when he landed a really nice Sailfish Wednesday morning and TantRum got on the Blue Marlin board again when they landed a 310# Blue with Bill Polk on that same day.

TantRum picked up right where she left off on Thursday as Captain Juan and Mate Humberto got on another Blue Marlin that was through a “shared” charter!  3 complete strangers  joined the battle to bring this epic catch to the boat.  Of them were Mr. Del Hernandez, Mr. Hector Olivera and late entry Mr. Julio Arreola.  The three of them all took some time reeling in this fish and at the end of the day seemed like they were best buds!  It’s very cool to see strangers come together by sharing a great day on the ocean!  Mr. Popejoy kept up his luck on his last day fishing with Ramon and Julian as they caught and released a large Striped Marlin!

Friday we kick the weekend off right the entire fleet headed out to fish!  Tantrum, ReelRum and RedRum hosted the Wesneski group out of Texas!  These guys were fired up since they arrived to town and had a stellar trip on 3 of our boats.  The group aboard TantRum caught and released a Blue Marlin as well as a Striped Marlin while the other 2 boats were able to each release a Blue Marlin.  Oscar and Omar believe the one that they brought to the boat was at least 250#!  Great job guys and it was great meeting the group!  Come back and see us!  RumRunnin headed out for a quick half-day session with the Miaolajczaks and caught the quickest fish of the day!  As Ulysses was making bait for them in the morning he coincedentally hooked into a Yellowfin Tuna, it wasn’t even 7:30 and they already had fresh Tuna onboard!!The Schule Party caught and released one of the few Black Marlin we have seen this season as well as a Sailfish while fishing with Alex and Charly on our 33′ El Nuevo.  Lastly,  I had the awesome opportunity to get on the water with three really great anglers, friends and overall people! From time to time RedRum owner John Donovan likes to get on the water for a day and step away from his computer and cell phone!  John handles a lot of the behind the scenes business, internet bookings and group trips for RedRum which includes a lot of communication with our clients, so he stays pretty busy!   On this day he was excited to get out on the water with his local amigo Troy and our other longtime friend Mike Molakides aka Cabo Mike.  Myself, plus the 3 of them headed out with Captain Gaba and Mate Noe on 19’s Toy to see if we could get on some of the Yellowfin that had been coming up around here!  As luck, a little bit of skill and a whole lot of fun would have it, we ended up having a great day!  CaboMike and I caught some decent size 20-30# Yellowfin early on in the trip.  After that there was a quiet period where we got to catch up a little and share some good Cabo stories!  It was just about time to start heading back towards the Marina when the shotgun rig up top near Gaba lit up!!  The stiched ballyhoo/pink skirt combo had landed a big one!  Troy was the first on the fish (70+ years young) and he did a heck of a job fighting this massive Yellowfin.  He was able to get the fish close to the boat once early on in the fight but it managed to be just out of Noe’s reach.  That was the last we saw of it until3 hours later!  John stepped up to help his buddy out and fought the fish for another hour after Gaba stepped in to help handline the fish as the drag on the reel had already taken a beating!  With Noe up top and Gaba helping the line, CaboMike and I were in charge of gaffing the fish!  Not something you want to mess up after 4 hours of fighting!  Luckily we landed her, brought it over the side of the boat and stared at it for a bit after realizing what we had just caught! The Yellowfin was every ounce of 200# and brought such a great story behind it.  A great group of guys looking to have fun on the water and do what they do best!!  Great job Team!!  Thanks for the memories!

After quite the exciting day on Friday things were a little slower down on the docks.  El Nuevo and 19’s Toy were the 2 that headed out Alex and Charly with the Schulz Group on El Nuevo which catch a Yellowfin and the Fox Party onboard with Captain Gaba!  Gaba headed to the same location which he fished the day before and low and behold landed another large Yellowfin, about 150# for the group out of New York!

As you can see the fishing is starting to heat up again down here!  Yellowfin Tuna are hanging around, Sailfish, Blues and Stripes haven’t left all summer and even a Black Marlin showed up this week!!  The boys have had a great start to the week as well after taking Sunday off to spend time with their families.  No better way to spend time with your families than to get down to Cabo and let us show you all about RedRum Sportfishing!  Whether your sharing a boat with someone you have never met and land a catch of a lifetime or plan on just getting out on the water with 3 of your best friends!  We can make it happen!  Give us a call and become part of the team!



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