Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – August 27 & 28th

This Monday morning we had Dave and Jack Nugent and Ethan Tweitman out on ReelRum for a half day of fishing with Ramon and Juan. They had a good 5 hours out there, catching 6 Yellowfin and a ton of skipjack.

Matthew and Nicole Higgins along with Antonio Chocha and Melissa Kahoush went out on Tantrum with Manuel and Jesus. They managed to almost make it a full day, but came back in a little early because the ladies got a little green around the gills. They caught 9 Yellowfin and a Dorado.

David Grabowski, Keith Warren and Joe and Nichole Foster headed out on Colleen’s Magic for the day. These Canadians had a good day on the water, catching 7 Yellowfin, 2 Dorado and some Bonita.

Tuesday we had newlyweds, Brent and Stephanie Starkey out for the day aboard RedRum. Brent was looking to land a Marlin, but caught 3 Yellowfin and a Dorado instead. They will give it another go on Thursday, we hope they have some better luck with the Marlin then!

Jason Hamm, Nick Todaro, Hal Brockett and Ryan McNeel were back at it today on El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus. They had another great day with Jason catching a 120lb Striped Marlin and they caught 3 more Yellowfin.

Matt and Kristina Jones headed out for their first of two days fishing aboard Tantrum. They had a great day, catching their limit in Yellowfin, that is what they wanted, so they were happy!

Ashley Kilfoy and JT Campanella started their first of two days fishing aboard ReelRum with Ramon and Juan. They had a good day, catching & releasing a nice 120lb Sailfish, boating 2 more Yellowfin and catching a TON of skipjack.

Ok guys, today is my Friday, I will be back on Friday and it will be my Monday 🙂 So, until then, thanks for reading!


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