Cabo San Lucas Fish Report- August 28th/29th

Still excellent fishing off the point here, boys aren’t having to run too far to get on the good fishing grounds. Water temps in the mid-80’s and Blue Blue Water.

Brent and Stephanie Starkey had two days booked aboard the RedRum and really wanted a billfish. On day one they managed to catch 3 Yellowfin, 1 Dorado and a bunch of Skipjack Tuna. No billfish bites. Brent was worried and asked me on day two if they should be doing anything different or if they should try a different area that he had heard people talking about at a bar. (For what it’s worth, everyone’s an expert once they get in front of a bar and have a Corona or two. If you haven’t done this your whole life, differ to our Captains and Mates that have.) We got everything taken care of on day two as they caught 3 Dorado and 1 big Striped Marlin. Brent was happy!

JT Campenella and Ashley Kilfoy also had two days with us aboard ReelRum. On day one they managed to haul in 20 or so SkipJack, 2 Yellowfin and a huge 120 lb Sailfish! Day two they smoked it with 3 Yellowfin and 4 Dorado!

Matt and Kristina Jones also had two days with us and they finished with TantRum. 10 Yellowfin on day 1, 2 Marlin and 3 Dorado on day 2… Just awesome days full of action and variety for everyone. What a great way to close out the month.

Mark Sheel and Paul Deverman only had a half day to fish, but they were super efficient. Back at 11:30am, they caught and released a Striped Marlin, caught a Yellowfin Tuna, and also a Dorado.

Kerry Andrews and Bruce Cowie walked away happy customers after returning with 4 Tuna flags flying!

Finally, the MIXED BAG of the week award goes to Craig Silverstein. Craig’s wife Lisa couldn’t get out of bed the morning of the charter so it was Craig by himself. Well he was back by 1 pm and loaded up. He had 1 nice Wahoo, 3 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Droado, and 1 Striped Marlin!

-Threatening to get you there myself the fishing is so good.

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