Cabo San Lucas Fish Report August 29th – September 4th

img_0390FIW come to us from Art Mowery and his group of friends from Florida.  Mr. and Mrs. Mowery purchased a “Stay & Play” Package through at their local CCA banquet and are sure glad they did!  Along with the Maritn’s and the Montz’ the team had a total of 10 Blue Marlin bites and they were able to get 5 of those to the boat!… in 2 days of fishing!  Unheard of!  Great job guys!  

Cabo San Lucas Fish Report August 29th – September 5th

Monday, August 29th:

We had fun closing down the end of August down here at RedRum!  Monday was a great way to kick the week off!  Brian Fitzgerald and his buddies fished their 2nd day with Captain Jesus on RumRunnin and ended their trip with 7 Dorado!  Paul and Thomas Cox spent their second day on the water with TopGun this time landing a nice 180# Yellowfin Tuna and back to the marina before noon!  Herbert Thomas brought down his group of buddies to fish with Captain Ramon on ReelRum for the day.  The 4 of them plus the crew pulled together to bring 8 Dorado to the boat 1 SkipJack that wouldn’t get off of the line and lastly, released a Stiped Marlin! We appreciated the release of all billfish here at RedRum!  Cade Colston headed down to fish 2 days with Captain Alex and first Mate Ulises on El Nuevo!  Their first day they landed 2 Sailfish!  Good warm up for what’s to come!

Tuesday, August 30th:

Cade and Terry Colston finished their double header off with a phenomenal day on El Nuevo.  Alex and Ulises worked their magic like they usually do.  The boys ended up landing 3 Blue Marlin!  The first was an estimated 200# and was the smallest of the 3!  The 2nd and the 3rd fish were close to 280# and 300# according to Alex and Ulises who have been doing this a long time and have a pretty good “eye-scale”!  The awesome thing is that they were able to release each catch and make sure the fish lively swam away!  Epic!  Thomas and Patrick Wiley fished aboard TopGun and landed a nice 300# Blue Marlin as well.  Joe Cheryl Wyers fished on RumRunnin and caught 3 Dorado and a Yellowfin Tuna with Captain Jesus.  Johnny Jodi Ingram fished their first of 2 days with us today.  They headed out on TantRum with Captain Juan and first Mate Humberto.  The couple was able to bring 2 small Bonita to the boat as well as a Dorado!  Paul Jones also set up a couple of days with RedRum Sportfishing this month.  His first trip was aboard the boys on RedRum, 31′ Bertram.  The infamous “Omar and Oscars” boat showed him a great time as usual!  1 Striped Marlin, 1 Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Dorado later they were back to the docks – all smiles!

Wednesday, August 31st:

Victor Ruiz of California fished with Captain Juan on TantRum on a half-day trip.  Before they knew it they were back to the docks with 6 Dorado filets!  The Hillis Birminhams from Corpus Christi, TX hopped onboard with Omar and Oscar for a couple of days of fishing.  They had a great day #1 catching their limit of Dorado and having a few laughs with Oscar!

Thursday, September 1st:

Paul Jones fished his 2nd day with us today and was able to land 3 more Dorado and release another Striped Marlin.  This time he fishing with Juan and Humberto on TantRum.  Justin, Stella Rodney Nelson had a quite the day fishing with Captain Ramon and Mate Julian.  The Nelson’s combined their efforts and tallied their catch up to 1 Striped Marlin released, 1 Wahoo and 2 Dorado!  My buddy from Mcallen, TX Chacho Martinez came in for a quick trip before hitting the books again and hopped on RedRum.  3 Dorado was enough for him as he had pool parties and Squid Roe calling his name!  Johnny Jodi fished their 2nd day looking for a Marlin.  Luckily, he fished with one of the best around in Captain Jesus on RumRunnin!  Captain and Mate Jesus (both names) were able to hook Mr. Ingram into a nice Blue Marlin for a release.  The Freeman’s  tested their luck on Never Give Up with Captain Chito and took home more Dorado than they could carry to round out the day!

Friday, September 2nd:

Mr. Ingram got his 2nd chance at another Blue Marlin today!  Captain Juan of TantRum (Captain Jesus’ son) did it just like his daddy taught him!  Mr. Ingram had the pleasure of fishing with 2 generations of some of the best Marlin fisherman around!  Meanwhile, the Hillis/Birmingham Party fished with 2 of the most fun crews around!  Omar and Oscar put on another great performance landing the group their first Blue Marlin as well as Bull Dorado for their 2nd day.  Our good buddy, Dale Nisbit of Texas did a little birthday fishing with Captain Ramon on Oh So Rojo.  Bobo, as we call him did a great job landing a Blue Marlin that wouldn’t take the live bait at first!  The group was also able to land another Striped Marlin.  Oh So Rojo released both Billfish.  Another RedRum amigo, Cody Huwe fished on Colleen’s Magic with his buddies and smashed the Dorado!  The group was also able to release 2 Blue Marlin! The story of the day comes from El Nuevo, our 33′ Bertram.  (Featured above) The Mowery Party from Florida had the trip of a lifetime spotting, landing and releasing 4 Blue Marlin!  Not much you can say about that other than, unreal!

Saturday, September 3rd:

One of our favorite families came down for a pre-pre-prefish trip with their favorite crew, Omar and Oscar.  Mr. Mrs. Randy Wren fish with the crew of RedRum at least 4 times a year including the Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot coming up in November.  As part of their preparation they decided it would be best to go chase Dorado!  As if it was nothing, they both limited out!  Not surprised!  Meanwhile, Cody Huwe hopped on for some more action with Captain Jesus on RumRunnin.  He and a couple of his buddies that wanted just a little more action got what they were looking for landing 7 Dorado!  Anglers on ReelRum and Oh So Rojo (Wilson) both landed and released Blue Marlin on their charters.

Sunday, September 4th:

Winding down the week and preparing for an upcoming storm, we were busy as ever!  The Mowery Party fished their 2nd day on El Nuevo and although they weren’t able to land 4 Blue Marlin again they did raise 4 land 1 and released it!  Mike Neuner had a phenomenal day fishing on TopGun.  They were able to get a feel for a little bit of everything as they landed 3 Yellowfin, 2 Dorado and to top it off released a Striped Marlin right before heading in!  Danny & Camille Cook both released a Marlin while fishing with Captain Juan on TantRum (1 Blue and 1 Striped).  The Wren’s also added another combined limit to their existing Dorado bag and threw in a Striped Marlin release just for giggles!  Great work amigos!

Time to buckle down and storm prep!!  Thanks for reading…



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