Cabo San Lucas Fish Report August 2nd – August 8th

The days are hot in Cabo right now!  If there is someone out there looking to escape any bad weather, Cabo San Lucas is the place to be!!  Bright skies, beaches, sun, fun and fish!!  Not as many fish as we typically see during the summer months but we hope that it keeps getting better and better leading into our busy and tournament seasons!

The week has been sprinkled with highlight catches, slow days and lots of maintenance on the boats when they don’t head out.  Our crews try to maintain a clean and safe boat for tourists to enjoy while on the water with RedRum and since most of the boats go out each and everyday it gets a little difficult to pay attention to minor details.  That is why its important for the boys to get a full days work in on giving the boats a little TLC!!  That is how most of the boys started this weeks report.  RedRum, Rum Runnin and El Nuevo all took the day to do a little up-keep work on their boats!

Of those that fished, it was a tad slow.  TantRum had a little bit of luck that the Merszei party brought with them.  They were able to catch and release 2 Marlin.  The first was a nice sized Stripe Marlin and the second catch of the day was a beautiful Blue!  Chito on Never Give Up fished with the Garcia party and was also able to land a nice 300# class Blue Marlin and also release it!  Great work!!

Monday was not easy fishing either.  However RumRunnin was able to find a Sailfish with my buddy from Texas Pablo Tagle and his family!  Not bad!  Never Give Up also caught a nice Yellowfin Tuna after a blind strike late in the afternoon.  He fish with the Peschel party and luckily had something to take with them off the boat!  Nothing like fresh tuna.  Captain Chito said the fish was probably close to 50#

Nancy Wilkinson seemed to be the only lucky angler on Monday!  She hooked into a nice Stripe Marlin and was able to release the beautiful fish after a pretty good fight!  Her party fished with Alex and Charly and worked hard for this one!!

After Ryan had heard some reports of fishing picking up along the Sea of Cortez side he did a little research and made a few phone calls as the boys were starting to get a little down on themselves for the lack of fish they were bringing to the boats with their clients.  After a quick team meeting to start the morning, Ryan sent the boys to where the reports were and also told them to stop and pick up sardines once they get outside of San Jose.  Luckily, the listened to him!  Although there was already a lot of pressure put on the school of tuna since most boats were fishing it our clients managed to pull on a few here and there!  Brandon Achtenberg and Sarah Keller fished with TantRum and caught a nice Yellowfin Tuna they headed inshore for a different style of fishing where they were also able to pick up 2 Red Snapper!  Great job! RedRum anglers Chris Marcotte and Eric Berry also caught a nice Yellowfin with Oscar and Omar as well as 3 bonita!  Nancy Wilkinson was at it again as they were able to land 2 nice Yellowfin Tuna (one also got away), 1 Bonita and 1 Triggerfish.  William O’brien and his Shreveport, LA. group of the O’brien Energy Co. fished their 2nd day with Gaba on 19’s Toy.  After having a slow 1st day they were happy to end their trip with 1 Yellowfin Tuna and 3 Trigger fish!  They found out about RedRum through my brother-in-law Asa Cozad who was able to make the trip with them!  Although the fishing wasn’t “great” it was awesome being around this group.   They all carried positive attitudes and were very cool!!  We look forward to having your group down again.  La Chatita isn’t the same without you guys!  There will be more cold towels, pina coladas and sashimi next go around!! Hope you guys had fun, thanks for fishing RedRum!

Thursday we had 4 boats head out, TantRum fished a half day with Stephen Mendoza his father and his son.  Three generations all sharing the water!  How awesome is that!?  Unfortunately they half day trip did not give them enough time to land any fish the Mendozas had a great time!  ReelRum hosted the Cathcart/Murray team for the 2nd straight day.  They were able to land a nice 180# – 200# Yellowfin Tuna!  Then we had the Carrington group fish on RedRum and RumRunnin.  The group that fished with Jesus and Jesus on RumRunnin caught 2 Marlin and 3 bonitas while the other group that fished with Omar caught and released a 92″ Blue Marlin!!  Still waiting for that photo guys!

The following day, the boys on Colleens Magic lead the group with 2 Stripe Marlin that were caught and released by Jason Hummel and his group.  Kyle and Tracy Kylberg fished with Juan and Humberto on Tantrum and caught a nice Dorado!  Hadn’t seen one of those in a while!  Chris Steele and his group fished on El Nuevo with Alex and Charly and were able to catch a Large Sailfish!  Pretty good considering they were only on the water 5 hours for a half-day trip!!  Craig Mabry fed his hat to a whale while fishing on Rum Runnin!!  Stephen and Susan Liles fished on RedRum with Omar and Oscar and caught a Pilot Shark.  Garret Monroe fished on ReelRum with Ramon and Julian and caught a “pez vela muy grande”  according to Captain Ramon!  Pez Vela translated is Sailfish and if you keep up with fish reports down here you know what muy grande means!!

The billfish bite has stayed hot today, the 8th.  Ashley Wolff changed her half-day booking to a full-day booking and it paid off!  Her and the group of friends from Fort Worth, TX. (GO FROGS!!) fished with Juan on TantRum and by mid day already had already caught a Sailfish and a Marlin.  Releasing both! Gary Teel caught a nice Stripe Marlin aboard ReelRum and Team Jesus took out the Higginbotham family and caught and released 2 Sailfish. Mark Miller tested his luck with Alex on El Nuevo and it worked out, he landed a nice Stripe Marlin!

We continue to hope the fishing picks up as the summer keeps rockin’!  Like I said in last weeks report, we will continue to stay positive and keep working our tails off for you guys!  The crews are doing an outstanding job hooking folks up the best they can and do.    Call the office and talk to Ms. Tiffany she will get your group set up and on the water!!!  We will do everything we can to make sure your expectations are met!

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