Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – August 3 – 10

Hola amigos! We had a great start to our week this week and I will just stay on that and not discuss how we ended our week today…..

Ricky Alyassi and buddy Kyle Stamper were back with us this year and caught 16 Dorado – most of which were released a Yellowfin Tuna and some SkipJack. Sandra Rutherford and her crew were hoping to catch some fish after son Rip’s trip was not so great last week. They ended up catching plenty of Dorado – small ones, but they had some action! Tuesday was a little slow and since we have not been seeing as many Billfish this week, the guys that went out for them were coming back empty handed. Most of what was being landed were only Dorados, Yellowfin and Bonitas, though LArry Compton and his crew managed to land a nice Striped Marlin on Tuesday and between Tuesday and Thursday caught a total of 28 more Dorado and a Yellowfin.Comptons-1 ComptonsCaysons That pic of the Dorado shows about the size we have been getting this week – not very large ones, but plenty of them!! Mark and Evan Leavesseur also fished for 2 days, caught some Dorados and Skipjack day one and day two finally got their Striped Marlin – they were stoked. Mark wrote a note with his photo, ” Ethan and I had a great time. As I mentioned to you, the guys worked hard to make it happen. I’ve wanted to catch a marlin for many years and I have now checked it off the list!!” So glad we were able to make that happen for them!!Leaveassure Though looks like we caught quite a few Billfish, we really did not, we just got some nice pics of some!

The major bite was for the Dorado and Yellow fin Tuna, those looking for Billfish got disappointed more often than not this week. Thursday was still pretty good for the small Dorados with Allyson Abraham and her crew catching a total of 40 between 2 boats and landing some Bonitas as well. Friday was about the same with Brandy and Clay Wright boasting a nice Sailfish catch on top of their Dorado and Bonita. Super nice couple from Texas! David Alonso and his fam from Monterrey Mx, were back with RedRum for the 3rd time. They caught some Dorados on Friday – Saturday, not so much luck. The catch of the day on Saturday had to be the Cano’s who fished with Captain Gava on 19’s Toy and managed a nice Blue Marlin and a Striped. They fished right up passed the Golden Gate. Another welcome surprise on Saturday were the Reh’s who fished a 1/2 day aboard Tantrum. They caught 2 Roosterfish on the Pacific side up by Playa Migrino and a Dorado along with a couple of Bonita. Saturday was slow for most of our boats. Coming into the “brightest full moon in 20 years” or 2014’s “Supermoon” made the fishing a little tough. Not to mention water temps in the upper 80’s this week. Sunday had to be the worst. We had one boat that got lucky in the morning, it fished right out by the arch and caught 5 Yellowfin and a couple of Dorado.

As the week progresses we are hoping for better luck as the moon starts to get smaller 🙂 We hope so anyway. At least it is always beautiful in sunny Cabo San Lucas!!

Thank you for reading.


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