Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – August 5 – 11

Welcome August for sure! This August has really started out with a bang with water temps rising on the Pacific, which only means more Marlin and larger Dorado coming in along with great fishing on the Cortez side. We did not have any boats come back this week with no fish and that means we were “catching” this week – not just fishing!

Monday we had a ton of boats go out of our office with the Masiello party aboard Colleens Magic landing 7 Dorado, 2 Yellowfin and a bunch of Bonita. Kyle Bouthilet and crew aboard Tantrum released 3 Striped MArlin and boated a Dorado. The Spencer-Redekopp clan on board RUmRunnin were happy releasing 2 Striped Marlin and cathing 3 Dorado and 3 Yellowfin. Troy Salazar, RedRum veteran angler had a good time on ReelRUm with his fam releasing a Stripe and boating a nice Dorado. Tommy Pourmaham and his group fished on Big Papi and released 3 Stripe Marlin and boated 2 Dorado. Jack Johnson and son fished on one of our partner boats and caught 3 Striped Marlin and a Yellowfin Tuna. Rick Cortez was on another partner boat with Captain Antonio and boated 4 Dorado, 14 Yellowfin Tuna and release a Shark and a Striped MArlin. Lastly, the Broskie brothers and Craig Johnson shared a partner boat and landed 8 Dorado and released a Striped MArlin.

The Davis’s were back at it Monday and Tuesday aboard 19’s Toy and caught 6 Dorado in all, released 3 Striped Marlin and got a Blue all the way to the boat before losing him. veteran RedRum angler, Paul Spann and buds fished 3 days aboard 2 partner boats and last day RedRum. They had some action releasing 2 Striped MArlin, catching 22 Yellowfin and 10 Dorado, one of which was a nice 60 pounder.

The Agabides brothers fished on Tantrum for the day and caught 2 Striped MArlin, a Wahoo and a Dorado. The Oldhams went out on The Marlin Queen and had a great day catching 15 Yellowfin and 10 Dorado. Super nice guy, Phil Martin and the Pitt’s fished on our partner boat with Captain Antonio and caught 3 Dorado, 1 57 incher and 3 Bonito. Chip Vagoni fished also on one of our partner boats and caught a Dorado, Yellowfin, a Shark and a Striped MArlin.

Wednesday was not too shabby either! Paul Felton fished on Tantrum and caught 8 Dorado, 4 of which he released. Bill Thompson and Jamie Prucansky fished on the Marlin Queen and released 2 Striped MArlin and boated 6 Dorado. Micheal and Jamison White fished on one of our partner boats and landed 3 Dorado. Diane and James Montague fished on Colleens MAgic and had an exceptional day catching 3 Sailfish, 4 Dorado and a Yellowfin Tuna. The Dastuto’s and boarded RumRunnin for the day and caught and released a Striped Marlin and 6 Dorado. The Hendricks family were on El Nuevo RedRum and caught 4 Yellowfin, 4 SkipJack and released a Dorado. The Shofners also boarded a partner boat and released 6 Dorado and a nice Blue Marlin.

Kevin Thomas was back with us again along with wife Megan, he brought along Brian and Farrah to show them his stomping grounds here in Cabo. They had an awesome 3 days on the water, catching 3 Striped AMrlin, 5 Dorado, one of which was a big bull the first two days, the last day they went for Roosters, I was skeptical till Kevin called the office saying he had the “world record” on his boat. They caught a total of 4 Roosterfish, 1 Hammerhead Shark, 1 Jack Crevalle and a Pompano. The Rooster wasn’t quite a world record, but it was close! It was over 60 inches and weighed in at 90lbs, the world record being 114…. I have a nice photo I will scan in and add to this post.

I seem to be missing Thursdays reports completely, but if you follow FB at all, you already know Thursday, RedRUm slayed it out there!! If you are not here, but wish to be, add it in the comments section!

Friday James Davis and crew headed out on RUmRUnnin and caught 8 Dorado, 1 Yellowfin and a Striped MArlin. Mickey and Kaylee Gregory headed out for a lil Father daughter fishing and caught 2 Striped MArlin and 3 Dorado. William Persefeild and clan headed out on Big Papi for a full day and they released 3 Striped MArlin and 2 Yellowfin. Kevin and Hunter Kurtz fished aboard a partner boat and released 2 Marlin and caught a nice Wahoo and 3 Dorado. Justin Estinopal and his crew fished Friday and Saturday and caught 4 Striped Marlin, 3 Dorado and got into a school of porpoise where they landed 25 Yellowfin Tuna that they caught mostly on cedar plugs. Richard Hall and son along with David Moss fished Friday and Saturday as well. They caught a total of 4 Striped Marlin, a nice Blue, 6 Dorado and a Roosterfish. Jared Tindle and fam fished aboard Tantrum for a 12 day and caught a couple of Dorado. I’m missing some Saturday reports too, so if you fished then, you know what to do 🙂

Sunday was a great end to a wonderful week of fishing. Rick James and the Ridal’s fished on Tantrum for the day. They caught 5 Yellowfin, a Dorado and a Striped Marlin. Brian Watkins fished on ReelRum for a 12 day and caught 5 Yellowfin and a Dorado. Dennis and Lara Crump also did a 12 day on RUmRunnin and released a Striped Marlin. Randy Wiser and his group fished on RedRum for the day and these guys definitely got into the Tuna!!They boated 20 and caught a Dorado and released a Striped Marlin.

I can only imagine things will continue to get better as the months go on!! Have you booked your flight yet?


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