Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – BACK IN ACTION!!! October 10 – 14

Hola friends! Just want to give a quick fish report since we had actual charter boats starting this week!! On October 10th, Friday, we received our first charters! Our guys were so excited to get out fishing they beat ME to the office LOL!! The fishing has been awesome this week as we have caught TONS of Dorado, a couple of Wahoo and a few Billfish.

Mark Hillman and buddy Arvin Sarroca were fishing on ReelRum with Captain Ramon and Mate Julian Friday, they Caught 9 Dorado, boated 4 really nice ones. John Howe was back with us this year along with son-in-law Guy who is also a charter boat Captain, him and a couple of buddies fished on Friday as well aboard RedRum with Omar and Oscar. They also caught 9 Dorado. They were back at it on Monday with Johns Daughter, Tiffany, and they caught 8 Dorado and had a “Mexican Release” on a Striped Marlin 🙂 On Saturday our buddy Captain Luis was in to fish with us for two days. He brought along 4 friends and they had an AMAZING time. In 2 days fishing they caught 27 Dorado a nice Wahoo, some Bonita and they released a Striped MArlin. They look super happy in the photos!Capt. Luis - WAHOODODO GALORE - ZUMAETA Thanks Captain Luis, we will see you this weekend for the Little Bisbee!! Tony Wille and crew was back with us this year on ReelRum Sunday. They had a great day also catching way more than their limit in Dorado. They came back early because they ran out of bait and ice to keep the fish fresh. We hate stories where there are SOOO many fish caught that this happens….. NOT LOL. They will be back on Thursday to try to fill another cooler! Randy Amescua and his buddies were fishing Sunday and Monday on our 35′ Cabo’s 19’s Toy and Never Give Up. They had an unbelievable 2 days catching a total of 52 Dorado – you read that right, a nice Wahoo, 4 Striped MArlin and a Sailfish, al of which were released except for one who died in the fight. These guys had a great time and said they will definitely be back next year, we we can’t wait!! Anthony Ghio went out this morning for a 1/2 day with his daughter. They fished on RumRunnin with the Jesus’s. They enjoyed their 5 hours on the water with non-stop DODO action, reeling in 10.

There you have it folks, the fishing is HOT, HOT, HOt! Resorts are open and Cabo is fishing!!! What are you waiting on, get here and get Reelin”!! We are ready for you!!

Thanks for reading!!



  • Hello Tiffany. Hope all is well with you and it’s that time of year for me to come down – Tues even. 🙂

    Will come by and who knows – maybe get out with you guys this time?


    Tom Schiff in San Diego

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