Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Bring on the Tuna!!

The past couple of days we are seeing the Yellowfin Tuna coming in, lots of Yellowfin! We are having to fish a little farther out now, about 20 miles toward San Jaime Bank. The water was a little rough today, Tuesday, and some boats came back in early due to sea sickness, but still caught, literally, a boat load of fish!

Monday we started seeing more Tuna with Bruce Fontaine back out on a shared charter with Thomas Wikan. The water was a little smoother this Monday than it was last time Bruce went out. They had plenty of luck too. Bruce caught a nice Striped Marlin, which he released and they caught 7 Yellowfin Tuna.

Captain Ron, Chuck and El Jefe (boss John Donovan) were out fishing abaord El Nuevo with Alex and Jesus. They caught 5 Yellowfin and a really nice Dorado.

Micah Woolworth, Melanie Lyeth, Kirsten Reddy and Patrick Fenton fished aboard RedRum for the day with Omar and Noe. These guys had a great day catching 14 Yellowfin Tuna.

Dennis Scanland and his family fished aboard ReelRum with Ramon and Julian. Young Cyrus and Heath had a great morning catching a ton of Spanish Mackereral, but when they headed offshore for a little Tuna fishing, the sea sickness got the best of them and they returned home. Maybe next time the water will be a little smoother and they can make it out there to the Yellowfin!

Tuesday Mark and Bates Baldwin along with Ray Kerns and Kristina Pingel boarded ReelRum for the day and caught 14 Yellowfin, 1 Dorado and released 2 Stiped Marlin caught by Bates and Ray. Bates Marlin was the biggest, weighing around 170 lbs.

Scott Coman and crew were on board RedRum for a full day with Omar and Noe. They caught 16 Yellowfin and 3 Dorado.

Tim Koechel and his crew boarded the Marlin Queen for a Full day. Water was a little rough for these guys too today, so they came in a little early. They still caught plenty of fish though!15 Yellowfin and Matt Kinas released 2 Striped Marlin!

Joseph and Laura Wood along with Trish and Ted Niewinski boarded El Nuevo for a full day. They had a great day catching 13 Yellowfin.

Last but not least, Hugh Cooley, Gary Hoover and Robert Williams boarded 19’s Toy with Captain Gava and mate Juan. They had a lot of fun catching 15 Yellowfin a Dorado and releasing a large Mako Shark.

That’s about all for now y’all! If your into Yellowfin, you better book your trip!

See you soon.


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