Cabo San Lucas Fish Report Dec 1 – 7

Not too bad a week this week heading strait into a full moon. We did have a couple of unlucky half day boats on Friday as the fishing has been a little farther. Still close to the shore, but about 15 – 18 miles up Pacific coast is where we had most of our luck this week.

Hilary and Ryan Leifheit were back with us for 3 more days of fishing with their fave crew, the Jesus’s on RumRunnin. They have had lots of luck with Blue Marlin on that boat, but not this year unfortunately. They get catch a nice Striped Marlin one day and 5 dorado, a Wahoo, 2 Yellowfin Tuna, a Roosterfish and a Sierra in all. They were still happy and enjoyed the tranquility of our condos 🙂 The Jones on the RedRUm was one of the boats this week that pulled in a Blue Marlin, which was released, they also caught a couple of Dorado and a Wahoo. Veteran RedRum angler Steve Poffenroth brought back buddy John Pease and his crew to fish with us several days. They caught lots of Dorado and quite a few Wahoo the first 2 days, day 3 went for Tuna and were at least able to release a Striped Marlin! They did not find any Yellowfin farther strait out into the Pacific. But they had a good trip!

We were seeing more than usual numbers this week as far as Wahoo were concerned. Whitney Mann and her group enjoyed catching 5 Wahoo on Wednesday and they got lucky finding some Yellowfin on Friday, they brought in 7. Wednesday was the best day for Wahoo, as ALL of our boats caught at least 1! The Mullins crew on ReelRum boated 6, the largest number of the day, TIm Deering on Tantrum brought in 3, and the Sasines on 19’s Toy and Scott McDaniel on RedRum each boated a Wahoo and a Dorado. Jimmy Yarbrough had another great trip with us this year with the Jesus’s. In 2 days of fishing, they caught 3 Striped Marlin, which they released, 12 Dorado, 1 Wahoo, a Spanish Mackerel and 2 Needlefish… Great time for those boys! Friday was a bittersweet day, as it was the day that both of our 1/2 day boats came back empty handed, but Trent Hartl and Jamie Ness knocked it out of the park on Tantrum catching 4 Marlin, one of which was a nice Blue. They also boated a Dorado that they were able to keep for dinner! Jesse Cardoza and girl Elizabeth Lembke were here to fish with us for 4 days. They had tons of fun fishing on our RedRum and Rumrunnin, they did not enjoy the panga so much but still caught a few small fish that day. They caught tons of Dorado, aome Wahoo, a Striped Marlin and on their last day, released 2 nice Sailfish. Cardoza They had a great time and filled up to of our fish boxes full of fish to take home! Not too bad for the week going into the full moon this Monday! Let’s hope the fishes come up to eat regardless in the morning!!

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