Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Dec 16 – 22

Hola everybody!!! Now, for most of this report I was on vacation, so if something looks a little off, it might just be! Let us know and we will get it fixed! The water temps this week were averaging about 74, which is even colder than last week, so obviously that changes the fishing a wee bit. We were still catching Dorado this week, but not the numbers we have been catching. Still not a lot of Yellowfin, in fact, the lone boat we had one day search for them was skunked. Could be that the full moon was this week and that kept the fish biting through the night, so they were not hungry for our clients bait.

Steve Rahmey was super feliz that he came down just to catch his bucket list fish, a Marlin and he caught one within the first couple of hours aboard RedRum, after the catch, he was back home and turned it into a nice tropy from Grey’s Taxidermy. Check him out reeling it in!!Steve Rahmey9 Steve was not the only one who caught a noce Marlin, honeymooners Dan and Stephanie Stevens caught 2 nice ones on board Tantrum, both their first. They also caught 7 Dorado, all which they hooked about the same time and a nice size Wahoo. I would say they have a nice fish story to take home from their honeymoon! The lucky guy Dan is all smiles in the photo.Stevens Lou and Frank Kapriva, veteran RedRum anglers fished on RedRum 2 days, one day with wives Nancy and Cindy and the other with out. They had more luck with the ladies on board 🙂 In all they caught 8 Dorado 2 SkipJAck and released a Marlin. Great job guys, see y’all next year!

The Nguyen fam was back with us this year and had another awesome time aboard Tantrum with Juan and Salvador, they released 3 Striped Marlin and boated 4 Dorado. Tracy Neilson and clan caught the first shark we have seen this season, a Mako. They also boarded a Yellowfin and a Dorado.

We have also started to see lots of Spanish Mackerel on the inshore this weekend with a couple of boats bringing in several. We did have a couple of unlucky boats this week, which sometimes happens when you are fishing, but I’m sure they will get ’em next time!

Thanks for reading!!


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