Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Dec 22 – 28

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our RedRum family new and old! We are so lucky to have such awesome clients who fish with us yearly, recommend us to their friends and help our little family business thrive and be able to do what we do each year! It does not hurt that the owners are such awesome folks to work for and the employees are very happy right where they are, being treated with the same respect they give and never wanting for anything. We are truly blessed 🙂 Thanks to the Donovan’s for giving us all the opportunity to be a part of your world!

Monday was still a little slower than last week, but we did catch a Sierra, Roosterfish and 3 Dorado aboard Tantrum with the Kvilhaug group. The Rosas group with 8 people on board all caught a fish! They boated 7 Dorado and a Sierra. The Nothdurfts on ReelRum pulled in their limit of Dorado – 4. Eric Scwartz and his family were a little disappointed with the action. They caught 3 Dorado, small ones, and a couple of Skip Jack. The Berard group referred by Diamante opted for a 1/2 day and they brought back a single Dorado. Tuesday was a better day for most, except for the Shneiders who were looking for Marlin. They unfortunately made it back to the regular fishing grounds too late and came home empty handed….. The Williams on board Never Give Up stuck it out for the Dorado and got more than their limit. Jim Poole and Teri Beck had an awesome day on RedRum catching 5 Dorado and a Wahoo. Jeromy Edler was back here with us after just having left a month ago (thanks for the support Jer!!) with his daughters this time. They had an exceptional day catching 7 Dorado and a Wahoo. We had to displace David Kramer and his crew since we were closed Christmas Eve and day. He was not too upset about it though, especially after boating 11 Dorado, 2 Wahoo and a Sierra. Richard Mcclure was the lone 1/2 day boat on ReelRum. They Caught a couple of Dorado. Not too shabby for a 1/2 day! We all spent Wednesday and Thursday at home celebrating Christmas with our loved ones, we hope you were all able to do the same. Not knowing what to expect on Friday, we were pleasantly surprised! We only had 2 boats out and they both had stellar days! Joel and Dorothy Tosky enjoyed catching 3 Dorado a Wahoo and a Striped Marlin, which was released. Peter Kay was here with his group fishing on RumRunnin. They caught 12 Dorados and 3 Bonitas. The Monchamps on Saturday caught a really nice Wahoo, around 50lbs and 3 Dorado onboard RumRunnin with the Jesus’s. Christy Schultz and Selina Carter had an off the charts day with Omar and Oscar on RedRum, they caught a 220 lb Blue Marlin, which they made a trophy of, 4 Dorado and a Wahoo….. nice to still be seeing Blue’s around this late in the year! Sumit Ahlumwalia and his family opted for a 1/2 day aboard ReelRum and came in early after releasing a Striped Marlin and boating 2 Wahoo. Christine Waters and clan boated 5 Dorado on Tantrum with Captain Juan at the helm and his mate Humberto. Sunday was pretty much the same for all the boats. Chad Dubois caught 2 Wahoo on RedRum, Local friend Justin Dow and friends boated 2 nice sized Dorado, Mark Rhone and his family showed up with a HUGE Wahoo – 61″ at about 65 lbs and another nice Dorado, 51″.Rhone Family Dwayne and daughter “Bones” Parker had a great day with “Bones” catching 2 Dorado, the sum of which weighed more than she did 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bob and Wendy Rowatt set out on ReelRum for the day and had some luck catching a Wahoo and 3 Dorado. Bobby Fillyaw and his crew were back with us this year in our condos and playing on our boats! This year did not yield quite as many fish as last year though, as they only caught 3 Dorado in 2 days. They weren’t mad at us though, they said the crew worked hard and said “that’s fishin'”! We are glad they still had a good time!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!!!!


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