Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Dec 30 – Jan 5

Happy New Year everybody!! What a great year it has been too. We wish all of you and yours great things in this upcoming new year!

We were still catching Striped Marlin this week, the bite has slowed significantly for Marlin though. Andrew Casareto was one of the lucky ones who released 2 for the day on Tuesday. Hailing all the way from Minnesota, he was excited about more than just our warm climate 😉 Mark Layton, veteran RedRum angler had a pretty good day as well, picking up 6 Dorado and also releasing a Striped Marlin. We had some 5 hour boats come back this week empty handed. Sometimes you need that extra time to get where the fish are you want to catch and get them biting!

We, of course observed the holiday on the 1st with our families, so not much to report there, but we were back at it on Thursday. Tiffany and Barry Anderson were back at it aboard Tantrum, they wanted to go after Yellowfin, I told ’em it was a risk, but they took the gamble and it paid off! They fished about 25 miles strait out on the Pacific side, found the birds and the porpoise and brought back 9 Yellowfin.Check out some of them in the photo.ANDERSONS TUNA The Andersons were not the opnly ones who loaded up on yellowfin at the end of the week! The Fillyaws had a day catching Yellowfin as well on their 2 day fishing adventure, as did Trevor Smith and his crew who fished out on one of our partner boats Friday, so it looks like the Yellowfin may be here for a while, if you are interested!

Jerry Wisenhut was back out with us on 2 boats Saturday, they had a bit of a tourney going on between the two boats. They were on board RedRum and ReelRum. Well, both boats caught 5 Dorado, but since the guys on ReelRum released a Striped Marlin, the scales were tipped in their favor! Last but not least we had Dean Shiroyama and Patricia Miguel on Tantrum who had a great day catching some Dorado, check out the 2 largest of the day!Shiroyama Not too shabby ‘eh??

That about wraps up the week except for a bunch of Spanish Mackerel that were hauled in on the inshore of the Pacific, always a great time for those good eating fish!

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