Cabo San Lucas Fish Report December 14th – 20th

Cook2FeatureOur Featured Image of the Week is courtesy of some of our mejores amigos at Redrum!  Austin, TX native Jeremiah Cook has been a devoted RedRum angler for a long time!  He brings several groups of friends with him down to Cabo throughout the year and insists on fishing with his “brothers” Captain Omar and Mate Oscar!  His groups always have a blast on the boats and they always go out of their way to treat the RedRum family with lots of love.  The Featured Image of the Week is one of many Dorado they reeled in during their week stay with us!  Check out the rest of their story below… Thanks for your continued support Senor Cook!  See you next time! 

We start off on Monday, December 14th.  We were joined by Lucas, Simon and Calvin Noling aboard TantRum.  Captain Juan and Mate Humberto got them on a Dorado early in the morning and finished their day with a nice Striped Marlin that they released.  Jarod Boudreaux brought a group of buddies down with him to experience fishing, the RedRum way!  They were sure glad they did.  The boys chartered our two 33′ boats, El Nuevo and Top Gun for a couple of half-day charters.  With a some bragging rights on the line the boys headed out!  The group fishing with Captain Alex and Mate Christian inched passed the group with Captain Jorge on Top Gun.  What pulled them to the lead was the Black Marlin they released late in the afternoon!  The two teams combined for a total of 4 Dorado to end their trip.  Lastly, we had Team J. Cook aka The Bash Brothers aboard none other than RedRum with Omar and Oscar!  The group had a blast and wrestled 3 Dorado to the boat (one pictured above) to wrap up our Monday session.  Nice going boys (and ladies)!!

Tuesday was another solid day for Dorado as most of the boats headed up the Pacific side and stayed busy throughout the day.  RumRunnin was the exception as the Krensers wanted to catch billfish.  That is music to Team Jesus/Jesus ears!  The boys delivered with 3 Striped Marlin all caught and released!  RedRum also caught and released a Striped Marlin as well as boating 2 Dorado for dinner with the Wheeler Party.  While J. Cook and party fished on Top Gun (believe it or not) and landed 3 more Dorado to their total tally.  Leading the pack today was the birthday boy, Dennis Thurman and his wife Cindy.  Captain Ramon and Mate Julian put them on 4 Dorado to celebrate another year!  Happy Birthday amigo!

Humpday was another successful day on the water for Team RedRum as all the boats minus 19’s Toy and El Nuevo headed out early to get right back into the action!  The McIntyre’s were the first boat back after fishing a half-day with Captain Juan on TantRum.  They had a great 5 hour trip catching and releasing 2 Striped Marlin and hooking a beautiful Wahoo!  The Lunardini Group fished on Top Gun today and also released a pair of Striped Marlin but instead of a Wahoo the group boated a Dorado for dinner!  Lots of fish still hanging around the Pacific Side!  Trevor Jackson and Carrie Persons jumped into the action with 4 Dorado while fishing on RumRunnin and the Neumans didn’t hold back any effort after releasing a Striped Marlin and bagging 3 Dorado.  J. Cook tagged and released a Marlin!  (Pictured below) Great photo provided by Jeremiah Cook. 

CookMarlinH20On Thursday ReelRum, RumRunnin and RedRum kept their hot hands busy while our Mechanic Rene kept his hands busy with the rest of the fleet that stayed home for maintenance and scheduled inspections. The Ethington Family shared their time fishing with Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin and had a blast releasing 2 Striped Marlin!  Meanwhile Joel Gustafson and Sons fished the first of their 2 days aboard ReelRum.  They finished their 1st trip with 3 Dorado and 2 Striped Marlin Released.  The Neals, fishing multiple days as well, broke things in with a released Marlin aboard RedRum.

“All good things come to an end…. for now”  Friday was Jeremiah Cooks and Amigos final day fishing with us and they couldn’t have ended on a better note!  The group was able to add 3 more Dorado to their freezer and threw in a big Wahoo for kicks.  They were also able to tag and release another Striped Marlin on their farewell charter!  Mr. Neal raised a Release/Marlin flag combo at the end of his 2nd day fishing aboard ReelRum with Captain Ramon.

Saturday was quiet on the marina in the morning as ReelRum and RedRum pulled away from their slips to represent RedRum on the waters today! The Gustafson Boys headed out for their 2nd day on ReelRum and caught and released a Striped Marlin as did Mr. Neal, thats 3 for 3 on Stripes so far!

We round out the week with a very productive day on the water!  The boys on RedRum finally got to take a day to rest after fishing hard for a week.  TantRum, ReelRum RumRunnin and Top Gun pulled their weight with multiple fish today! Top Gun and Mr. Wiley released 2 Striped Marlin, the Dorotiks fished a 1/2 day on RumRunnin and released a pair of Stripes as well as landing 2 Dorado with Captain Jesus.  Mr. Neal was relieved when he caught 3 Dorado but just seems to attract Marlin and was able to release 2 more totaling 5 Striped Marlin.  Bob Gallup fished on TantRum and released 2 Striped Marlin while landing 1 Wahoo and 1 Dorado!

The Pacific Ocean is still providing our anglers with heaps of fish to keep them busy as we lead into the Holiday Season! It is exciting to see a few ‘hoo’s show up.  Wahoo are excellent eating and are very difficult to catch due to their extremely sharp teeth and missile shaped bodies that allows them to cut through the water.  Let’s hope they stick around like the Dorado have!

As always, much thanks to everyone that visited RedRum this week!  We love our first-time anglers and always appreciate seeing the familiar faces!

Keep ’em coming!


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