Cabo San Lucas Fish Report December 21st – 25th

ChristmasPicThe Featured Image of the Week speaks for itself!!  However you celebrate the Holiday SEAson, we hope you have a great one!  From our RedRum Family to yours, Tight Lines!  

This will be the last post leading up to the New Year!!  I will be starting a different format of posting that I HOPE makes it easier to update automatically at the weeks end.  As things get busy around the office and the boats it gets a little difficult to keep up with the “office” side of things!!  That’s what resolutions are for!  Thanks for all those that keep up to date with our posts!

We begin with December 21st, after a solid week of fishing last week.  We had quite the busy Monday with a majority of the boats heading out to start the week.  Dorado, Marlin and Wahoo are still hanging around past the ol’ Light House up near Todos Santos.  They have been hitting a combination of stitched ballyhoo as well as lures of all colors.  Angel, Merik and Brian Aston fished with Captain Ramon on ReelRum and were the first to get on the fish.  They started their day off with a Striped Marlin release followed by a Wahoo hook-up and ended their day with another pair of released Marlin!  Great job!  Mark Rhone fished with Gaba on 19’s Toy and was able to release a Striped Marlin and a Sailfish during their half-day on the water while Captain Juan was able to put Tim Haen on his first Striped Marlin (released)!  Captain Omar was at it again after enjoying  his scheduled Sunday off.  He and Oscar headed out with Sam Poser for another half-day charter and did well on the Dorado catching 3 and added a catch and release Marlin to his final tally after Oscar hooked one using a pitch bait!  Our buddy, Danny Horanyi fished with Ulises and Christian on El Nuevo and released 3 Striped Marlin!  They were also able to get into a Dorado that they used to feed the tribe at the end of their day in Cabo!!  Lastly, Todd and Calvin Adams fished on La Paloma, a 33′ Bertram that we have taken a liking to…  they were happy after their charter with 2 big Striped Marlin that they were able to release!  La Paloma is a refitted 33′ Bertram that is privately operated by one of our good friends.  If you happen to call in and our 33′ boats are booked we may ask if you’re interested in her, she’s a great, clean and solid boat.  The crew is pretty sharp as well!

6 boats headed out early on Tuesday morning in hopes of a repeat or even better results than Monday!  Robert and Caleb Macias fisehd on Top Gun and they caught and released a Marlin with Captain Jorge!  Wassim Nashabeh and Stacey Ma fished with Captain Ulises and First Mate Christian on El Nuevo.  The team hooked into 4 Dorado bringing 3 of them to the freezer.  Aaron Marshall and friends fished with Team Jesus/Jesus aboard RumRunnin and spent their day fighting a Striped Marlin that they released as well as a pair of Dorado that were boated and filleted for dinner! Michael Braband caught the first Yellowtail Tuna we have seen in quite some time while fishing with Captain Juan aboard TantRum!  He elected to fish a half-day and decided to stay in shore to see what happened and as reported by some divers lately there were quite a few yellowtail around.  Mr. Braband was lucky to get one!  Great job amigo! From inshore to offshore, Captain Gaba worked the Pacific coastline and was able to hook into a Striped Marlin for Paul Lockwood and his family.  The group released the Marlin and boated 2 Dorado to end their day on 19’s Toy.  Jason, Joseph, Stephanie and April Morton joined us from Texas and had a blast with Captain Ramon on ReelRum.  The group from “The Valley” landed a trio of Dorado on their full day charter to end the day.

We still had anglers eager to get onto the water leading up to Christmas Day! While most people were trying to sneak in their last second shopping in, these folks were focused on getting their last second fishing in!  We made it happen.  Wednesday and Thursday were great days on the water!  Wednesday started with our long time friend Beat Kuttel who has fished with us plenty of times this year alone! Mr. Kuttel comes down for months at a time and manages to sneak away for a few fishing trips with some buddies.  This time he brought along Ken Langevin with him.  He loves to fish with CaptainOmar and First Mate Oscar on RedRum so they headed out together and landed a nice Marlin for Mr. Langevin, his first, the team also bagged 2 Dorado for dinner!  Merry Christmas!  Mike Johnson fished on ReelRum and released 2 Striped Marlin while Michael Berta released a Marlin while fishing with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum.

Christmas Eve fishing sent our anglers packing with “gifts” thanks to the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean!  For the fisherfolks that were charged with catching their Christmas meal, well done!! 4 boats headed out Thursday morning and all 4 boats caught fish for the round table!  Starting with The Hubenaks from Texas, they hooked 2 Marlin early but the fish outsmarted them and spit the hook each time.  The redemption came after a double Dorado hook-up that resulted in plenty of fish!  Larry, Chloe and Joshua Levine fished with our trusty Pangero Felipe.  Mr. Levine just wanted to “see his daughter catch fish” and Felipe delivered.  He kept the Levines busy during their 5 hour charter after finding a school of small tuna right before the Lighthouse.  Funny thing here is that Mr. Levine didn’t catch any fish, everytime he hooked into a tuna “Pancho” would seem to find it and eat his catch!  Luckily for him, his daughter was able to land all 4 Tuna she hooked into!  Buddies Sean Wedemeyer and Tyler Klaes fished on ReelRum and caught 4 Dorado that they took back to their group waiting for them! Lastly, Mark Deymonaz brought his buddies down to fish with Omar on RedRum.  The group hooked into a nice Blue Marlin that weighed well over 200#!  Unfortunately the Marlin had other plans and shook herself loose after a pretty good fight!  The boys were happy that they caught a pair of Dorado as to not show up empty handed!

We kept our office doors closed on the 25th so the RedRum family could spend time with their loved ones and recharge their batteries for the last run of 2015!  There are some busy days coming up leading into the New Year!

We are excited to see what 2016 has in store for Team RedRum and all of our anglers!

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