Cabo San Lucas Fish Report December 26th – 31st

PurkalitisDoradoThe last Featured Image of the Week of 2015 comes to us from Ms. Andra Purkalitis who took this picture of Brian Rand during their day aboard RedRum.  The group ended their day with 2 Dorado and 2 Striped Marlin that they released! 

We were so lucky to close out our year with over 170 anglers hopping on our boats during the final 6 days of the year!  It was a great way for us to finish strong and we are so fortunate to our RedRum followers for fishing with us!

We close down our year with a full board and lots of fish still being caught up and along the Pacific coast.  I feel like I am becoming repetitive but in all honesty, the fish are still hanging around between the Lighthouse and Todos Santos.  If you don’t believe me come check it out for yourself!!

Saturday, December 26th we sent out 7 boats and all the boats reported fish at the end of the day!  Michael Slavenski and his family headed out on TantRum and each member got to land a Dorado!  All 4 of the Dorado they caught were well over 20#’s.  El  Nuevo had the pleasure of fishing with Michael McCloskey and his party.  Michael has been waiting a long time for this charter and wanted to catch a Marlin before the end of the year!  He picked the right boat and was lucky to have Captain Ulises at the helm.  The crew landed a nice Striped Marlin that they were able to release and also hooked into a pair of Dorado for the group.  Dennis Haynes headed out for a half-day charter on RumRunnin with Team Jesus/Jesus and brought in a trio of Dorado while Gerald Hage fishing on Top Gun also caught and released a Striped Marlin.  The Landry/Neblett Party fished with Omar and Oscar and caught 3 Dorado only to be slightly beat out by Gaba on 19’s Toy (fished same exact areas)!  Tom Fross and Jenny Chapman had a little more luck on their side while fishing our 35′ Cabo!  Mate Noe helped boat 4 Dorado and pitched live bait to a Marlin that the group caught and released!

Sunday was another great day on the water!  The water temperatures have been in the mid-upper mid 70’s, probably averaging out around 77.5 where the boys have been seeing most of their success.  Max Anderson definitely had a successful day fishing with TantRum, he was able to reel in an estimated +130# Striped Marlin!  The fished measured over 102″ long that is about as big as the mounted Marlin we have sitting on our office wall!  Great job Max!  Brian Thomas, a great buddy of ours from TCU (Texas Christian University, home of the Horned Frogs) fished with us today.  He brought his family in from Texas and had a great time with Omar and Oscar on RedRum.  He represented his school as we expected, beating out the rest of the boats with 2 Striped Marlin released and 2 big Dorado!  Great seeing you buddy, GO FROGS!! Lauren Armstrong and her group weren’t too far behind with the pair of Marlin that they released on El Nuevo, they also caught a Dorado with Captain Ulises and First Mate Christian to wrap up the day.

We had a 9-boat day on Monday and the excitement around the office was awesome!  We love when people come in our doors excited to be a part of the action and anxious to get on the boats!  That’s what fishing is all about!

Andra Purkalitis, Brian Rand along with Aldis and Ray Ozols fished on RedRum today, snapped a few pictures and caught a few fish! As mentioned in the headline, the group ended their day with 2 Striped Marlin released and 2 Dorado caught (Featured Image)! Gary Dewitt and Ian Wheat brought a group of 6 down to fish with Captain Ulises on El Nuevo, they were glad they did!  They had a mixed bag of fish and a lot of great memories at the end of the day!  The group ended up with 1 Tuna, 1 Dorado and 1 Striped Marlin (released)!  Gaba thought he would switch up his routine a little today as he had a hunch that there might a be a bite going off at San Jaime.  Matthew Carter was interested in Yellowfin so it worked well for both of them!  Gaba headed out to San Jaime and the group ended up finding a small school of porpoise that yielded some fish!  They ended up with 5 YFT (footballs) before calling it a day! Jim Womble headed out for the 1st of his 2 charters on ReelRum and caught a trio of Dorado while on board with Ramon and Julian while Jerry Danielson caught a nice bull Dorado aboard Adrenaline!  Craig Bradley added to the days report with an astounding 4 Striped Marlin, all released!

The Dorado bite is as hot as we’ve seen it lately, guess they waited until the end of the year to bring their best!  Gordon and Alex Mackay fished a 5-hour trip on RumRunnin and landed 5 of those Dorado before heading back to the Marina, Sniper also had a half day with Brad Wallace and his buddies.  They managed to wrestle 8 Dorado to the boat!  As the boys came back to the docks they decided to pose for pictures behind the boat holding their prized catches!  As YouTube and Facebook videos have shown, Pancho swims the Docks just waiting for these occasions!  Before Joe Wallace knew what was going on, Pancho leaped up out of the water and snagged one of the Mahi straight from his hands as he was posing with his fish!  There isn’t much you can do about it at that point! 8 nice Dorado turned into 7 nice Dorado real quick!!

Captain Gaba fishing with Wobbe, Anotonie and Alexander Ploegsma landed 5 Dorado during their day out on the water.  Steve and Lucas Nokelby fished with Captain Ramon on Reel Rum and released a Marlin as well as half a dozen Dorado!  Larry Levine released 4 Striped Marlin and caught an additional 3 Dorado on his first day out with us!  Our good buddy Bubba Loewe fished his first of several days with Omar and Oscar aboard RedRum.  Although they had to fight through the pains of a rough night the night before they were able to pull it together and catch 4 Dorado and 1 Striped Marlin which they released to end the day!

On Wednesday 52 anglers boated up with RedRum!  We chartered 13 boats out so the term “a busy morning” was definitely an understatement! Luckily for us and the RedRum Crew the fishing stayed productive!  I will do a quick rundown of the days action and the fish reported by Captains.

TantRum – Jones: One Striped Marlin released!                                                                                                                                                                          ReelRum – Smith: One Striped Marlin released!                                                                                                                                                                       RedRum – Loewe: 3 Dorado and 1 Roosterfish. Day 2 of multi-day booking!                                                                                                             El Nuevo – Alger Party: 4 Dorado.                                                                                                                                                                                                 19’s Toy – Warfield: 5 Dorado and 1 Marlin released!                                                                                                                                                            Halcon (31′ Bertram) – Wiggins: 3 Dorado and 1 Marlin released on a Half-day Charter (5 hours)                                                                Colleen’s Magic – Nelson: One Striped Marlin released.                                                                                                                                                       Peleador – Levering: 1 Striped Marlin released and 3 Dorado.  Solo angler.  Had a double hook-up on Dorado!                                        Fearless (50′ Viking) – Temkin Family: Two Striped Marlin released.  First time off shore fishing.

End of the Year Fishing:Larry Levine fished his final day with us on RumRunnin today.  The group of 4 hooked into a nice Striped Marlin that they were able to released after a nice fight!  Daniel Poe and Stephanie Ferrer fished Sniper today with Captain Julio.  They couple ended their day with 5 Dorado and a Triggerfish!  Stephanie had never been fishing before and as most of the experienceded anglers out there know, she had all the luck!  Her first offshore fish, ever, was a +40# Bull Dorado!  The Rosandichs fishing on ReelRum released a Striped Marlin, landed a Dorado and caught a Sierra to close out their 2015!  Sierras seem to be showing up again right off of the Point at El Arco.  Good eating!  Craigh Hauer and the Jorgensens fished with Gaba and Noe on 19’s Toy and ended their year with 2 Dorado for dinner and a Striped Marlin that they released!  Justin Elenburg headed out on Adrenaline with Captain Moro and hooked into a pair of Striped Marlin that they released as well.  Lastly, Sharon and David Pancomo chose Omar and Oscar to spend their final day of the year with!  It couldn’t have gone any better as the couple was able to release 2 Striped Marlin and land 3 Dorado!

Well amigos, that’s a wrap for 2015!  The year was full of awesome times and some very memorable catches, releases and lost fish!  We are looking forward to an incredible 2016 and have our bars set high.  Everyone here at RedRum is hoping for the best year and we know its going to require a lot of work; work that we love!

Thank you for your support and loyalty to RedRum Sportfishing.

Here’s to a great 2016!

Tight Lines,


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