Cabo San Lucas Fish Report December 7th – 12th


The Featured Image of the Week comes from Mr. Thomas Harris from Houston, TX!  Mr. Harris joined RedRum this month for 3 days of fishing.  We met Mr. Harris a few months ago as he was walking around the marina.  He and I crossed paths and got to talking about fishing.  I walked him down to the dock and let him check out our boats as he had already fished but promised me he was going to come back and fish again soon.  Mr. Harris is a man of his word and gave us a chance!  He had 3 great days on the water with us and it was great to have him around the office each morning and add another member to the RedRum family!  This picture shows one of the many Dorado he caught during his trips with us!  Mr. Harris, it was great to see you again and we hope you come back soon amigo!

After ending the last week with a tournament loss it was time to regroup and get back at it!  Every day seems like the boys are tournament fishing, with each other, as there seems to always be a little pride on the line at the end of the day… Today, Team ReelRum (Ramon and Julian) was able to strut their stuff a little after coming back with the most flags!  The boys fished with Steven Shaw and Michael Morris and caught & released a Sailfish as well as 8 Dorado giving them the overall lead of fish caught!  Team RumRunnin came in 2nd with the Leifheit Group.  The Leifheit’s along with the Jesus’ were able to boat 7 Dorado as well as a Stiped Marlin that was realeased while fishing on our 32′ Crystaliner.  Captain Omar and Mate Oscar weren’t too far behind and some may consider 2 Marlin outweighing 7 Dorado but nonetheless had a great day with the Robinson Party.  The team on RedRum caught & released 2 Striped Marlin and landed another 5 Dorado.  The Rigways had a successful day fishing on TantRum with Captain Juan and Mate Humberto.  They found themselves in a mess of Dorado and brough half a dozen of them to the boat!  Lastly the Gugel’s fished aboard El Nuevo and each member of the family of 5 was able to wrestle a Dorado into the boat!  

“Pancho” the infamous Sea Lion that roams the Marina waters filled his belly with one of our anglers potential catches this morning.  My buddies from McAllen, TX Carlos & Leslye Santos had an unforgettable encounter with the overweight bully of Marina Cabo San Lucas.  The South Texas couple had landed 3 Dorado early and as the possible 4th Mahi was doomed for a tasty dinner later that night… not if “Pancho” could help it!  Without warning the Sea Lion that has been filling his belly with anglers catch and non used bait for years swiftly came in for the kill!  3 Dorado in the bag turned into 3.25 as the Dorado Bandit took off with everything but the head!  Sorry Carlos!! Meanwhile, the Rother party stayed clear of the Bandito and landed 4 Dorado while fishing with TantRum and Captain Juan!  Our buddy, Ken Bond, had a great day with Omar and Oscar aboard RedRum catching 7 Dorado while Bob Marderosian  and his amigos fished the first of their multiple outings on 19’s Toy and released a Striped Marlin and kept 3 Dorado for the freezer!  

The Harris Family fished on RedRum with Omar and Oscar.  The group got to work quickly as they found themselves in a school of Dorado right off the bat.  The family ended their day with 6 Dorado and did the Mahi-Mahi Shuffle during a crazy double hook-up!  Newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Winstead, from Corpus Christi, TX. spent their honeymoon Cabo and had to fish with RedRum!  They are sure glad they did and they are even happier they brought a little honeymoon luck with them!  Captain Juan and Mate Humberto hooked the couple into a half-dozen Dorado while fishing on the Pacific Side towards the Lighthouse area!  Congrats on the wedding!!  Best of Luck and come back and see us!!  The Johnsons fished with Captain Ramon on ReelRum and caught 5 Dorado to add to the Day’s Catch while the Viseks contributed to this weeks Fish Report with 7 Dorado while fishing on RumRunnin with Team Jesus ^2!  Brad Jones brought his party to fish with Captain Alex on El Nuevo and he was happy with the result! At the end of the day Team Nuevo landed 6 Dorado and was able to Release a Striped Marlin!  Bob Marderosian had a quick encounter with a 600-700# class Blue Marlin!  The Blue came up on one of the short riggers during a troll and Ulises (the mate at the time) swears that the fish was all of 600 pounds!  I wish I would have video taped him recalling the whole experience.  If you want a great fish story make sure you ask Ulises to share one!  He’s great!

Thursday the boys kept on the Dorado that were nestled up in the Pacific side from the Lighthouse all the way up to Todos Santos!  Leading the pack we had Captain Gaba on 19’s Toy finish his day with Ben Englefield and his team!  The group finished their day with 8 Dorado for the freezer and a Marlin that didn’t quite make it to the boat before releasing itself!  Greg Post and the Post Family matched Gabas 8 Dorado while fishing with Juan on our 28′ California, TantRum. Captain Ramon was lucky enough to fish with the Trawhon Family as the 4 of them wrestled in 4 Dorado to the side of the boat while Julian waited with his gaffing expertise!  The Leifheit’s fished their 2nd day with RedRum and were fortunate enough to get into a little school of Yellowfin landing 4 “footies” and releasing a Stripe Marlin.  RumRunnin crept up on 3 Dorado while fishing with the Zuck’s.  Mr. Zuck swore that all of the other Dorado they saw “must have been asleep”!!  We end the day with the Rother Party fishing with the boys of Top Gun!  They had a active day; 1 Marlin bite (knock down), 5 Dorado that were caught and 3 Dorado that they fought for a few minutes before they were able to wiggle off the hook!

December 11th was a busy day on the Marina for RedRum.  With over 40 anglers and 10 boats headed out for the day, there was a lot of excitement on Dock A!!  Tommy Harris (featured picture) caught his nice Dorado while fishing with Captain Juan and Mate Humberto on TantRum.  As a conservationist he decided he wanted to take part in the Grays FishTag program and tag one of the Dorados that wouldn’t have provided much for the eating anyways!  He named his tagged Dorado, Ozzy!  Along with 4 other Dorado that were kept Mr. Harris also tagged and released a Striped Marlin.  He named the Striped Marlin “Lola”!  Colin White brought his crew down for a day on the water with RedRum.  Colin reserved RumRunnin and ReelRum for the day and each group limited out on Dorado!  The RumRunnin added a little extra catching and releasing a pair of “Toro” (Jack Cravalles).  The Marderosian party downsized and fished with Omar and Oscar on Redrum adding 8 more Dorado to their stock!  John Donovan, RedRum owner, had his older brother Jim Donovan come down and visit from Boston.  Jim didn’t come alone!! He brought along some of  his best buddies from the North East for a weekend of fishing (competition)!  The boys split up into 2 teams and fished on 19’s Toy and Never Give Up.  “Uncle Jim” and his team fished on Never Give Up while “Jefe” and his boys fished on 19’s Toy.  The showdown between Captain Chito and Captain Gaba came down to the wire!  At the end of the day, both teams had limited out on Dorado but it was the heaviest fish that would take home Day 1!  After weighing in their 2 biggest catches Team Jefe pulled away by .5 lbs.!

Saturday was just as busy as 10 boats headed out for the 2nd straight day!  Our longtime buddy and loyal RedRum Angler Cabo Mike brought down a couple of his buddies and fished on TantRum.  Miguel and his buddy Captain Juan caught 2 Dorado!  The Morris Party landed 4 Dorado while fishing with ReelRum.  The Marderosians fished their last day with us today.  They opted for RedRum and had a great end to their streak with 4 more Dorado caught!  Tommy Harris landed 9 Dorado, tagging 3 of them for research (Grays FishTag Program)!  Mr. Harris learned quickly how to bring in the fish as fast as he could and reeled each one of them to the boat himself!  At times Jesus would take his rod/reel get the fish in the boat and hand-off another rod/reel with a fish on it!  Talk about exhausting!  The Greenes fished their 2nd day with us and for the 2nd day in a row caught 5 Dorado.  Today they were able to release 3 Marlin, one on El Nuevo and the other 2 came from Top Gun!  David Seaman and his family fished on Sniper (pictured below) and had an amazing time catching 8 Dorado and almost landing a Marlin!  They fought the massive fish for a few minutes before she decided to spit the hook!


The Donovan Showdown carried the events over to Day 2!  Unfortunately for the boys on Never Give Up, it was the same outcome!  “Team Jefe” outweighed “Team Uncle Jim” by no more than a single pound!  “Guess that is what happens when you have home court advantage”, said John as he got off the boat!!  All in good fun, nothing like a little brotherly competition!!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to wrapping up 2015!  We are pulling for a busy 2nd half of the month with lots of action!

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