Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Feb. 19

Hola amigos.

Today we had Patrick and Katie Hennessey aboard El Nuevo RedRum for a full day of fishing. They caught and released a nice 175 lb Striped Marlin, which took about 1hr and 15 to get to the boat. They also caught 6 Spanish Mackerel along the inshore.

Edgar and Katy Steward along with Zach Newman and Sally Davis boarded Tantrum for the day with Juan and Christian. They had a productive day catching 6 Spanish Mackerel.

Nathan Conrad, Brenda Smith and Jessica and Stanton Frisk were on ReelRum for a full day with Ramon and Julian. They had a great day, with Brenda catching & releasing a Striped Marlin, that took her 30 minutes to reel in. They also caught a Yellowfin Tuna and a ginormous Wahoo, if you don’t believe me, just look at the pic! jessica is credited to having pulled that beast in, it weight in at 92 pounds. brendanathan and us fish

Wayne and Ryan Knutson boarded RedRum with Capt. Omar and mate Now for the day. They caught a Mako Shark and 7 Spanish Mackerel.

Tim Falkner and his family boarded RumRunnin for the day. They caught a Yellowfin Tuna.

Pete Wilson and his family boarded 19’s Toy for the day and caught a couple of SkipJack.

Returning RedRum client, Tom Kunse and his crew, boarded Big Papi for the day. These guys also boated a Yellowfin Tuna.

Mindy Boghosian and Keith Cerniuk went out on one of our Pangas for a 5 hour inshore trip. They had a great day, catching 2 Dorado, they had a Wahoo on but lost it and caught another 6 Skipjack.

Ronald Schuckman and Sylvester Starman boarded one of our partner boats for the day and caught and released a couple of Striped Marlin.

Thanks for reading guys!!


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