Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Feb 2 – 8

Hola amigos! Great news that this week the weather was awesome, flat seas lots of activity out there as far as seeing beautiful Whales breaching not very far out. A lot of people came in saying they even got to see Whales right off their balconies at their resorts! Well, it is that time of year for them!

The fishing was still slow as far as Billfish went this week, but the Dorado have stuck around which is great news!! Monday Micheal Tousignant and his crew fished for a 1/2 day aboard RumRunnin with the Jesus’s and they had some luck, boating 2 Doado and a Wahoo. Thursday they fished again and brought in more Dorado. Rex Litchfeild and his crew were back at it on Tantrum and brought in 6 Dorado and a Wahoo. Tuesday Kerry Venier fished on El Nuevo with her party, they boated 6 Spanish Mackerel and a Dorado. Paul Adamske had a banner day on board Tantrum with those guys boating 2 Spanish Mackerel, 5 Dorado a Wahoo and a couple of Bonita. Lisa Orr and the Neibauers had fun with the Jesus’s on RumRunnin pulling in 9 Dorado. Tracey Driesback and his girl came in early after catching a nice Dorado on RedRum. Wednesday remained pretty good for the Dorado with Daniel Spier and Olivia pulling in 2 Dorado and David Lionberger on RumRunnin catching another. Matt Thompson and his clan on El Nuevo had a great day with the largest number of Dorado brought in that day, 9. Our buddy Troy Cornelius went out with a friend on ReelRum, they caught their limit in Dorado. Thursday Mike Slobotski and his crew fished on 2 boats and they caught loads of Dorado as well. They group on 19’s Toy was stoked with their catch!Slobatski Mike Loughrey, veteran RedRum angler brough some buddies down and fished on Never Give Up for the day, all of his buddies boated a nice Dorado… he was the last at the helm and did not catch a thing! There were 7 guys on the boat though, so not a bad day for those guys! Eric Alberts fished with us for 2 days this week. In all, they boated 10 Dorado and a Trigger fish. Saturday Steve Pruiett fished for a 1/2 day on ReelRum, him and another caught their limit in Dorado as well. Micheal Baseflug on Tantrum caught 3 nice Dorado while David Dehaan had an excellent day on 19’s Toy boating 8 Dorado.

All in all, it was a pretty great week, still fishing on the Pacific side not too far out either!

Thank you for reading!!


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