Cabo San Lucas Fish Report Feb 23 – March 1

Well, Ryan summed it up really well on his FB post this week. He said, ” February and March are very volatile months here in Cabo in regards to the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. You have a lot of fast moving currents, rapidly changing water temps, and in turn unpredictable fishing. It’s not unusual to have 3 or 4 really solid days, followed by a few days where you struggle for Sierra bites.

Over the weekend we fished one area that was absolutely loaded with Wahoo. I’d say there were close to 30 boats working the area (1 mile off the Lighthouse,) and every boat was fighting at least one Wahoo. One of my buddies had 11 Wahoo on the day. The next day the same area was 5 degrees cooler, with green water and not a fish to be found. It is what it is, fishing. Most importantly though, we’re on the water having fun and we haven’t had to shovel an inch of snow all year!”

That is right….. Let me get down to what some lucky anglers were up to out there this week! Sean Gasser and crew fished on RUmRunnin Monday and boated a couple of Spanish Mackerel. Amy Bailey was back with us this year along with her hubby and some friends. They had a good day catching a couple of nice size Dorado. Cutis Nicholls and his group also caught some Spanish Mackerel on Tantrum, where James Watt and his group on 19’s Toy caught a Bonita. Angelo and Lindsey were getting away from the cold air in Baltimore, MD and had a great day on ReelRum with 3 Dorado and 4 Spanish MAckerel. Tuesday we only had a couple of boats go out, but both boats got a couple of Dorado. Four boats ventured out on Wednesday and each caught a Dorado, except for Jeremy Belcourt on El Nuevo, they caught a couple of Triggerfish and 6 Spanish Mackerel. MArk Trueswicz on Rumrunnin for a 1/2 day Thursday caught fish! He brought back a ton of Spanish MAckerel. JAy Clifton and his crew brought back 7 Spanish MAckerel on Nuevo where Michelle and Aaron aboard Tantrum were “salado” Mexican word for “skunked”. Ryan Hill and his gang found the right spot at the right time!! They caught a Spanish MAckerel, Striped MArlin, Dorado, Jack Crevalle and a Bonita. The Dorado was Ryan’s target species, he caught that and was thrilled, Rhett Ibarra was looking to catch a Stripe Marlin and with it so slow was worried, especially since the day was almost over, but he said Mate Oscar delivered…..with 15 minutes to go he hooked a nice Stripe and Rhett reeled it in! They released it to fight another day and had a great trip to talk about at home! Ryan Hill GangRyan Hill Marlin Ken Brucks and his group of CCA folks from Texas fished for 2 days over the weekend and caught 6 Dorado in total. A few more Dorado were caught over the weekend. Paul Beck was one of the few folks this week with Marlin catches, he caught a nice Striped and boated 4 more Dorado. Kelley Griggs was back with us and caught some nice Dorado with her group.

So all in all, not a bad end to this spotty February! Nonetheless, it is BEAUTIFUL in Cabo and you can’t beat the sun and fun to be had in Cabo this time of year! What are y’all waiting for!! Get to Cabo!

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