Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Feb 4,5

The fishing is still looking good here in Cabo.

Monday morning we had Jerry Sims and Erin Gilmour board Tantrum for a full day charter. They had a great day catching 4 Dorado and each releasing a Striped Marlin.

Scott Kalke and his family along with buddy Mark Wrenko boarded RumRunnin for a full day. Looks like they were after Marlin, as they caught and released 5.

Bill McMullen and friends Matthew and Jeff boarded El Nuevo for a full day. They went the 28-30 miles out to San Jaime to find some Yellowfin and they were in luck! They boated 13 Yellowfin and 2 Bonita.

Kent Somer and Ron Horn were back at it on Monday aboard Big Papi. They caught and released 3 Marlin and caught another 20 Yellowfin Tuna, most of which were also released.

Richard Jioras and buddy Jay Cheney were back at it this Monday and Tuesday again on the ReelRum. On Monday, they caught 9 Yellowfin, 3 skipjack and released a Striped Marlin and Tuesday the exact same, except no Skipjack! They had a great four days of fishing with us here at RedRum, we are sure they will be back next year!

Amber and Chad Ziegler boarded RedRum for a full day with Catain Omar and Mate Noe. They brought back 6 Yellowfin Tuna.

Richard Rowe and his crew opted for a 1/2 day aboard RumRunnin. They had a good day with Dan catching and releasing a 150lb Striped Marlin and they caught a Dorado.

Bill and Sandra Speckeen along with Lisa and Jamie Roos boarded Tantrum, also for a 1/2 day. Jamie & Bill both caught and Released a Striped Marlin, they also caught a Dorado.

Brenda Salzman and her family along with the Santebell’s and the Boheme’s went out on The Marlin Queen for a full day. They had a lot of fun with Brenda catching her first ever Wahoo, 8 Dorado and some Skip Jack.

Chris Peccia, veteran RedRum fisherman was out with his crew aboard Big Papi for a full day. They caught a Dorado and released 2 Striped Marlin.

Doug Barnsley and his crew went out on El Nuevo for the day, when they got about 25 miles out, almost to San Jaime, Captain Alex was told to turn around, due to some seasickness 🙁 We hate they were not able to catch any fish, maybe next time a little inshore fishing!

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