Cabo San Lucas Fish Report February 15th – 21st


The FIW comes from Wayne Knutson and his February 15th charter on El Nuevo.  Mrs. Knutson captured the shot of the juvenile Striped Marlin that we were able to Tag & Release.  The small green line right next to Mr. Knutson’s right hand is the actual tag that is placed on the Marlin for research purpose!  The Stripey was released shortly after the photo was taken and swam away unharmed. Great job Team!

Monday, February 15th: We pick up with Team Ruckpaul as they continued their great trip(s) on RedRum!  They rounded their 3rd day out with a nice Dorado and a Yellofin for the freezer!  Vicki Brunks and her team fishing with Alex on El Nuevo caught 4 Yellowfin, 1 Sierra and a few Trigger Fish!  

Tuesday, February 16th: In addition to the juvenile Marlin that the Knutson Party reeled in they were also able to catch a nice sized Yellowfin while fishing with Alex and Christian.  Shawn Janice Wright fished on ReelRum and caught a pretty big Dorado.  Although I didn’t see the size of the fish the filets that they had prepared were large enough to feed a soccer team!  Top Gun also headed out today with the Valance’s and ended their day with 5 Yellowfin and a Dorado!

Wednesday, February 17th: 2 of our boats decided to test their luck with Inshore fishing while the other 2 decided to take a chance and go chase the yellowfin!  Both were equally successful as the Eustons on ReelRum and the Sauder’s fishing aboard RumRunnin had fun with Sierra and Rooster Fish and our buddy Paul Ruckpaul had another great day with Oscar and Omar catching Yellowfin for days!  Captain Gaba took Jefe out for a day and wore him out with all the Tuna they caught on 19’s Toy

Thursday, February 18th: A few mixed bags came back to the Marina after another decent day of fishing the RedRum boats! First we had the Mickelson Party report back with 4 Yellowfin and 3 Sierra from ReelRum then the Dains fishing with Omar and Oscar got into a mess of Yellowfin and a nice Bull Dorado!  Followed up by our very own General Manager,  Tiffany Meade, and her friends from out of town!!  They ended their day with Gaba on 19’s Toy catching 3 Sierra, 4 Bonita, 3 Yellowfin and 1 Dorado!  Way to go Tiff!  (pictured below)


Friday, February 19th: The Yellowfin Tuna numbers peaked today as almost each boat limited out.  The Ruckpaul, Pickens and Stewarts each walked away with their limits of Tuna today while Mr. Maggs fishing on RumRunnin wasn’t too far behind with the 8 that they scooped up!

Saturday, February 20th: Don Bright and company headed out for a 1/2 day charter on ReelRum and stayed close to shore up the Pacific side picking away at some very nice sized Sierra while battling all the hungry Sea Lions!  The Schrimsher Fulton Groups combined for half a dozen appropriately sized Tuna while the Thompson’s fishing aboard RedRum had the catch of the day with a limit of Yellowfin!

Sunday, February 21st: and just like that, they were gone.  From one day to the next the Yellowfin bite seemed to have turned off! Nothing can explain why or where but today was rough!  The only luck that anyone had were the Runnell’s Gange on El Nuevo for a half-day charter that stayed Inshore catching Sierra and Trigger Fish.  Anyone that headed up and out to the Pacific spent their Sunday scratching their heads wondering where all the fish went!

Welcome to our world!


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