Cabo San Lucas Fish Report February 1st – 7th

DSC_0792The FIW of the week come from our group from Cabo Discount Tours!  They fished last week aboard C-Rod and Colleens Magic.  The group were brought together from all areas of the states and had a great time catching Yellowfin Tuna (and staying onboard)!!

Cabo fishing finds itself in a little slump as of lately as there has seem to be a drop in fish caught.  The Yellowfin Tuna bite that we were having so much success with has silenced and the Marlin have dropped depths making them a little more difficult to track and locate.  The boys are doing all they can to continue to have success for their clients. Sometimes 1 fish can make or break your charter and each crew member understands the importance of providing the best opportunity to get on the fish, even if it is just 1 Marlin!!!

Monday, February 1st:  We started off the month sending TantRum, RedRum and Felipe (our Pangero) out.  TantRum caught 2 Yellowfin and a Dorado after loosing a Wahoo early in the morning and a Marlin that got off in the afternoon.  Felipe kept the Mr. Guardabasso busy all morning as he reeled in Sierra, Roosterfish and Jack Crevalle for 5 hours!

Tuesday, February 2nd: No Charters

Wednesday and Thursday February 3rd-4th: Boats headed out with no luck.  Fishing is really tough right now as the chatter between Captains and Mates all around the Marina has been related to the lack of fish that seemed to have scattered without any indication of why… We’ll keep trying!

Friday, February 5th: There was a little sign of life as our recently married amigo Gonzalo Verdeja headed out with his mother and father on RedRum!  He was a little weary as the reports have obvisouly not been in his favor!  They gritted it out and were glad they did as they had a great time catching 4 Yellowfin and 1 Dorado.  It must have been that newlywed luck!  Our girl Cecilia from Grays Taxidermy arranged for her boyfriend Franky and his family to fish on El Nuevo and after a rather slow day they were able to hook into a nice Striped Marlin that they released!

Saturday, February 6th: We were stuck scratching our heads again as the bite died off and the only boat that headed out came back empty handed.  Felipe, our pangero, continued to have some success on the inshore bite as he fished with Mr. Riggs and his buddies.  The trio was able to catch Sierra, Roosterfish and Jacks!

Sunday, February 7th:  John Gabriel  and his girlfriend fished aboard Halcon, as ReelRum isn’t quite ready yet!  They had a great time catching a Wahoo and a Striped Marlin!  The Bough Party on RumRunnin understood the bite hasn’t been that hot offshore and decided to test their hand inshore.  They came out successful as they caught Sierra and 1 Needlefish and Jacks!  Sometimes you gotta work with what you’re given (or not given)!  Captain Alex and Christian hosted the Hartley Group and put them on to a late Yellowfin bite that saved the day!  The group ended with enough for dinner!

Although the fishing has been slow and some clients have voiced their unhappiness (which is completely understandable) we are trying to stay as positive as possible here at RedRum!  We know not everyday is a “Limit of Yellowfin” kind of day and we know that fishing is fishing and we will bounce back from this little slump.  When it happens, its going to be awesome!  Make sure you don’t miss out on the action.  Like Ryan, a true angler, always says “after the drought comes the flood”…

Be a part of the flood!


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