Cabo San Lucas Fish Report February 8th – 14th

Feb8thOur FIW shows what happens when you fish with Captain Omar and Oscar on RedRum and the tuna bite is hot!  Top picture shows Harold and John Ruckpaul along with their buddies (including Omar and Oscar) celebrating after a great day on the water (btm right).  (Btm Left) Omar is all smiles after finding the fish! 

I would like to start off by saying that I know last weeks report was a little painful to read!!  Trust me, it was difficult for me to write.  True fishermen/women from all over understand that sometimes, without explanation or warning it gets a little tough to catch fish!  That is why we stick with is and work even harder to catch fish, we know it’s important!

Monday, February 8th:  Our half-day charters continue to pull on Snapper, Roosterfish and Sierra just as John Gabriel did on his 2nd day out on the water with us!  Jacob Denison and his extremely nice group of friends fished the day with Gaba on 19’s Toy and although they didn’t slay the fish they had a blast hunting for them!  They ended their day with a few Yellowfin for dinner! Jerry and Tom Steenson fished with Captain Juan and Mate Humberto, collectively they hauled in 9 Yellowfin!

Tuesday, February 9th: Captain Ulises was the shining star of the day as he took out El Nuevo (Alex day off) and hit a home run! Ulises and Mate Christian put Fort Worth, TX native Stephen Davidson and his group on 7 nice Yellow Fin!  TantRum and Top Gun combined for an additional pair of Yellowfin and some Roosterfish on the inshore bite!

Wednesday, February 10th: A Striped Marlin was finally spotted, caught and released today!  Geoff and Liz Hall were anglers on board TantRum when the Marlin came up to eat a live bait that was pitched by Humberto!  They were lucky to get it to the boat and up for a few pics before safely releasing the beautiful Billfish!  El Nuevo stayed red hot, this time behind the direction of Captain Alex who was back at work!  Ulises served as his mate today and helped him find the fish again!  9 Yellowfin and 1 Dorado later, Johannes Klue and Amy Fink were back at the docks!  Pete Miller fished with Captain Chito on Never Give Up and also released a Striped Marlin.  The group also got into a small school of porpoise that raised 3 Yellowfin!

Thursday, February 11th: It was nice to finally fire up the vacuum sealer and load our freezers up again!  There was surge of Yellowfin Tuna that finally pushed their way into reach today as most of our boats double digited on Tuna giving Benny lots to do once the boats got back!  Leading the way; Captain Omar limited out with the Camperlengo Party!  Following them, not too far behind was the McDaniel Party fishing on our 54′ Navigator with 10 anglers!  They managed to pull in a tuna each and a few extra to help with the group dinner the same night!!  Lastly, the Hilleman’s fishing with Alex landed an even 10 to round out the day!

Friday, February 12th: Another day of half-day charters yielded Pompano, Roosterfish, Sierra and a few Triggerfish for the Denison, Barbato and Snell Groups.  The Denisons, newly weds from Carencro, LA. had a blast with Humberto and Juan and landed the huge Pompano!  Congrats on your wedding guys!  See you soon!  Our good buddy and Cabo Legend Jerry Garcia (not that one) fished with a group of friends on El Nuevo, as he always does!  His luck didn’t fall short.. the group had to work extra hard and a little longer than usual to find the fish but they found them!  At the end of the day Captain Alex and Mate Christian found a school of Tuna and were able to help bring almost a dozen up to the boat!

Saturday, February 13th: Jake Webb hopped on board with Omar and our 31′ Bertram RedRum and ended his day with 4 Tuna as did the Brunks fishing on El Nuevo.  Captain Gaba and Mate Noe led the pack  with the Greenberg Party with a released Marlin and 5 Tuna.  A day after coming down with a little Tourist Illness Jardin Loeffler fought through it and fished a half-day with Jesus and Jesus on RumRunnin.  The three of them were able to catch 4 Triggerfish and 4 Yellowfin.

Sunday, February 14th:Valentines Day Catch! Two boats headed out to celebrate their love for fishing!  Harold and John Ruckpaul (FIW) fished the first of their 4 days with Oscar and Omar.  Today was nothing compared to what they had coming up but the 7 Yellowin they caught was a good start to a great trip!  The McRoberts matched their 7 Yellowfin while on board with Captain Jesus on RumRunnin!

I said it last week after being a little discouraged about the fishing “after the drought comes the flood”.  The action is picking up and all of the elements are lining up to look like the end of this month is going to be pretty solid!  Yellowfin Tuna are all over the place (15-50 lbs) and Striped Marlin are still being spotted occasionally.  Dorado and Wahoo bite died off a little bit but I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up again soon!

Get down here and enjoy the catch!


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