Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – First week of April!

I don’t have all the reports from the week, so if you were missed, let me know!!

Barry Hooper and wife Jaqueline were out on the Marlin Queen on Tuesday. Jaqueline caught her first ever Striped Marlin and Barry was also lucky enough to release one as well. Check out out the nice one Jaqueline caught!Barry Hooper

Scott Long fished aboard El Nuevo for his first trip out with us along with Brett and Jack Long. Day 1, Tuesday they caught 2 Dorado, 2 Skip jack and a nice Striped Marlin, which was caught & released by Jack. The second trip, we had to put them on board a partner boat, because the boat they booked, Tantrum, had taken a little longer on its remodel than planned. That day they did not have as much luck as the first trip, but they did catch one HUGE Dorado and a Bonito.

Duane Cash and Frank Dierman fished aboard ReelRum for the day and released a Striped Marlin.

Andy Barrett and son Jack fished aboard a panga for his last day with us and caught 6 Spanish Mackerel and a Jack Crevalle.

Chase Becker was down for his wedding week here in Cabo and all the guys decided to get in some fishing. They were on board 4 boats and all the boats had nice catch’s! Nuevo caught a Marlin and a Dorado, RumRunnin also caught a Striped Marlin and a Dorado, Big Papi reeled in 2 Striped Marlin and RedRum caught a Dorado and a Striped Marlin. Congrats Chase!! We wish you the best.

David Lundand Family boarded Colleen’s Magic for a full day and caught a 160lb Striped Marlin.

Blaine Caples had a lot of luck aboard our 31′ partner boat with Greg and Chris both catching a Striped Marlin and Blaine reeling in a nice Dorado.

John Zeitner and his wife fished with RedRum multiple times. On Wednesday they caught 3 Dorado and released a Striped Marlin and on Friday released 2 Striped Marlin.

Bill Rasoul and crew boarded RumRunnin for a 1/2 day trip and caught a Dorado.

Dale Nesbit and buddies fished for multiple days, Thursday on Tantrum, caught several Dorado and on Friday fished aboard ReelRum and caught two more nice sized Dorado and released a Striped Marlin.

John Croft and Gordon Bennett were fishing on EL Nuevo for the day and John caught & released his first ever Striped Marlin!

Kelton McCaffery and family were aboard a partner boat for the day and caught a Dorado.

Mike Laughrey and his wife were back with us and went out this time on a Panga. The fished along the inshore and picked up a couple of Spaninsh Mackerel.

Jay Connell and crew also fished aboard a partner boat and caught a Dorado.

John and Ashley Hughes were the last couple fishing aboard a partner boat. They caught and released a striped Marlin.

Ken Valentini and his crew fished aboard Big Papi and I have no idea how they did, because they never came back to “brag” after their tip!

So that wraps up the first week of April, if I left someone out, please feel free to add your comments!!

I sure hope the fishing starts to pick back up!!

Thanks for reading.


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