Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – First Week of May

Fishing has been kind of slow, and I just don’t mean the fishing, but we have not had near as many boats go out lately, probably because our fish reports are honest and they know the fishing is not that “hot” at the moment. But that changes everyday!! I am gonna put a week on here, you know I don’t work Wednesdays or Thursdays, so I may be missing some names, if yours is missing, let me know by e-mail or in the comments!!

On Thursday May 2, we had Lydia Ranger and family go out on Tantrum for a full day. They caught a Yellowtail and 12 Spanish Mackerel.

Tracey Middleton and buddy Nicholas headed out for three days of fishing aboard 3 different boats. They did not have a lot of action during their trip, but they had some luck the last day with Nicolas catching his first ever billfish, a Stripe Marlin, they also caught a Dorado that day.

Wally Leasure and David Anderson had a great 1/2 day aboard Tantrum catching 2 Yellowtail and 15 Bonita.

Eric Lyons and his gang were down on a Play & Stay Package in conjunction with their local CCA chapter, they fished aboard El Nuevo for two days, day one, no luck, day two they caught a Dorado and released a Striped Marlin.

Paul Reardon and Dave Smith from Boston were down trying to ease their mind from the recent tragedy in Boston. Paul had crossed the finish line 10 minutes before the first explosion happened. We are glad they are ok, but definitely are lending our support from across the continent with our guys sporting the “B” Strong hats. Check Alonso out in the pic.B Strong Hat Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who were affected by this tragedy. They were great guys who were not mad that they did not catch the first day and day two stayed along the inshore and caught 5 Spanish Mackerel and a bunch of SkipJack.

Bubby Lewis and his crew, also down for a Stay & Play Package in association with their local CCA chapter fished aboard a partner boat their first day out and caught a Dorado and their second day, Sunday, they were out on El Nuevo and caught 4 Dorado and a Yellowfin Tuna.

Bryan Blasingame and buddy David boarded Tantrum for a 1/2 day Saturday and caught a bunch of SkipJack.

David Highland who is getting married here in Cabo fished with some buddies and his soon to be Father in Law on board RumRunnin for a 1/2 day. They did not do too bad, catching a ton of SkipJack. Congrats on the wedding David!

Daniel and Yvonne Steinman also fished for a half day on ReelRUm and caught a lot of SkipJack as well.

Alex and Richard Madrid headed out on Tantrum for a full day, but came back in a little early, it was rough out there!! They caught a Dorado and a Yellowfin Tuna about 11 miles outside The Arch.

Thank you for reading!!!


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