Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – Hello September!!

Well, it is Friday, my Monday 🙂 It has been a little rainy this week and as you know there was that pesky Blue Moon last night……. not to worry though it did not affect the fishing TOOO bad anyway…. here is how the weekend played out.

Jason Mesik, Jennifer Lee, Paige Jenkins, Gerrett Sorge, Kristi & Jeff Adams went out on Nuevo for a full day of fishing with Capain Alex and Mat Jesus. They had lots of fun with Jason and Jeff both catching a Sailfish and Christy and Gerrett each boating a Dorado.

Jason and Matthew Bentley, Scott Scneider, FB Potter and Ray Graham headed out on the Marlin Queen. These guys were celebrating the marriage of Jason, congrats! I hope he has better luck in marriage than he did on board that day as they only caught a couple of Skipjack.

Glen Barney and Puordn Rothbont headed out on Tantrum for a 1/2 day Saturday. They caught 2 Dorado and 2 Bonita that they released.

Leticia and Adam Henderson were in with us and fished aboard RumRunnin for most of their 1/2 day trip. They caught a total of 3 Yellowfin.

Sean Hitchcock, Paul Holling, Bennet Tailsley, Ron Seudachkel, Sean Kelly, and Trevor Crowell started their first of two days fishing aboard the Marlin Queen with Captain Chito. Sean Kelly lost a Marlin and they caught 3 Yellowfin. Sunday they were back at it, this time with 1/2 the gang. Ron & Paul each caught a Striped Marlin and they also caught a Dorado and some Skipjack.

Jim and Ally Chiang were aboard RumRunnin for the full day this Sunday. They did great, catching their limit in Yellowfin and a Dorado.

Maryanne and Rick Throssell shared a charter with Julia Webber and Stephen Wuetch. They were aboard Tantrum and caught 2 Yellowfin, lost a Dorado, a bunch of Skipjack and Rick caught and released a Striped Marlin.

Last but not least, we had Richard Greiner, Phillip Monroe, Kevin Carlson and Larry Wilson aboard RedRum with Omar and Americo. This is their first of two days fishing. They caught 9 Dorado and Larry caught a Striped Marlin.

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