Cabo San Lucas Fish Report Jan 19-25

Still off the charts fishing for this time of year. We are fishing a little further up the coast right now, by Pescadero beach – about 25 – 27 miles up and no more than 3 miles from the shore. Lots of Spanish Mackerel picked up this week especially on Monday. Greg Flannigan went out solo on ReelRum and caught 2 Dorado and 6 Spanish Mackerel. Joe Simmons and his crew caught a nice size Dorado and a Yellowfin TUna aboard Never Give Up with Captain Dani and mate Chito. Randy Patton and his crew took off on RumRunnin with the Jesus’s. They caught some Spanish Mackerel and a few Skip Jack. Greg Luth got lucky aboard El NUevo RedRum with 3 Dorado, but he also caught some Spanish Mackerel. Richard and Ginger Sorenson were down celebrating their anniversary on the water and caught a Dorado so big, they had a trophy made of it! Now, that is a nice anniversary gift to themselves 🙂 Our friends Kris and Natasha Karstens brought along some friends to fish their favorite boat, 19’s Toy. They had the best day out there, boating 5 Dorado. Michael Smith and friends fished aboard Colleen’s Magic for a full day Tuesday and caught a total of 8 Dorado! Ted and Sally Bisbee fished for a 1/2 day on Tantrum and reeled in a Dorado that day as well. Our buddy Jamie Deis decided to come back down because of all the great fishing reports, and boy he did not regret it! He and Deanna Mcarthur fished with their fave crew, Juan and Humberto on Tantrum for the three days and caught WAY more than their limit in Dorado – most of the fish were released! 2 Wahoo, a Striped Marlin (which was also released) a Jack Cravalle and an Amber jack. Alan Ritchie and his buddy fished on ReelRum and caught a nice Dorado and a Spanish Mackerel. On Wednesday Bill and Michelle Lawson fished on 19’s Toy and killed it releasing a Striped Marlin and their limit in Dorado. Steve Kampstra and his group fished on 2 of our boats Wednesday and caught a total of 13 Dorado. They ate well while they were here in Cabo!! Dan Halloran was back with us, this time with his kids. They enjoyed themselves out there also catching Dorado. Jon Meyers fished with us on Wednesday along with his buddies and caught 4 Dorado and a Striped Marlin.

Throughout the remainder of of the week we caught Dorado and a couple more Striped Marlin were Released. Loonie Poole had a notable day on El Nuevo Friday releasing 2 Striped Marlin and boating 2 Dorado. They were fishing by the golden gate, only about 3 – 4 miles from shore.

Steven Hseish on RedRum and his crew caught their limit in Dorado on Friday as Did Juan Deharo and clan on board ReelRum and they caught 2 Wahoo and some SkipJack. They had a great day!! Our buddy Jeff James was fishing once again with his family on board his favorite boat 19’s Toy. They caught 3 Dorado, a Yellowfin Tuna and they released a Striped Marlin. Mike Giambrone and his group came down on a CCA package they won at auction where they stayed in our Condos and fished for 2 days. They had a great time, catching 7 Dorado, 2 Wahoo and releasing a Striped Marlin in 2 days on El Nuevo RedRum.

Whatcha waiting for? Get on down here and in on the action!!! We are waiting for you………………Gaba

Thank you for reading, Tiffany

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