Cabo San Lucas Fish Report – January 13-19

Hola Amigos! It has been another beautiful week here in Cabo, not too cold in the mornings with our high temperature in the mid 80’s this week.

Fishing was about the same this week as last week, the Dorado bite slow, but still there! Baots were coming back with about 1-4 per boat if they were looking for Dorado. We did have a couple of Wahoo caught out there this week with our buddy Kent Sommer catching one and having a great day on the Dorado pulling in 5. On his second day out there he reeled in 21 Yellowfin and released a Striped Marlin on the way back. Not too shabby!

Father/son team Matt and Derek Ratcliff took to it mid-week and had an exciting day with Matt catching and releasing his first ever Billfish! What a proud smile he is wearing! They also boated 3 more Dorado.Ratcliff

The Tuna bite was on this week and not too far out, about 21 miles, a the beginning of the week, most boats that ventured out there caught their limit in no time flat! We also caught a couple of Thresher Shark this week. This time of year we start to see more shark biting and they are a fun fight! Check out the nice one caught by Patricia Kovaleff. Kovaleff That is some GOOD eating too!!

Other honorable mentions were the GLick crew who fished on Nuevo for 2 days and one day on RedRum. They released 5 Striped Marlin, got a Thresher shark to the boat and boated a Dorado. Owen Parkes and buddy Ryan Wiebe escaping the chilling cold of Winnipeg, fished on Tantrum for 3 days and caught and released a few Striped Marlin the first day, boated Several Dorado day 2 and slayed it day three filling the boat with Yellowfin Tuna.

Not a bad week though we did have a couple of boats this week that returned empty-handed. And there are still some Spanish Mackerel on the inshore – when in doubt! With that full moon now out of the way, hopefully we will be getting back to it next week!

Until then, thank you for reading!


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