Cabo San Lucas Fish Report January 15th – 21st

TunaTuesdayFeatured Image of the Week (FIW): Photo credit: Mario Bañaga of Gray’s Taxidermy.  For those of you that haven’t heard, the boys on TantRum landed quite the Yellowfin on Tuesday afternoon.  Accompanied by Larry Hanson, Cole Jackson and their wives the 2 couples boated this beautiful fish after almost a 2 hour fight.  The pictures speak for themselves and we hope there are many more of them out there this year!  Way to go Mr. Hanson!  Great catch!

Firday, January 15th: We start this week’s report off with Mr. Humbert and his final day fishing with us.  If you can recall, Mr. Humbert and his group fished 3 days aboard El Nuevo and had a killer time tagging and releasing Marlin after Marlin.  They are also the group that tagged and released a Short Nosed Spear Fish on their first outing.  HumbertsThey decided to hop on board with Felipe, our local pangero just hours before their flight home!! The team landed almost a dozen small Rooster fish and quite a good number of ‘Jacks on their 3 hour outing.  (Image to the left) . rooster

Meanwhile, Team Bruce (Billings & Frampton) fishing with Omar and Oscar caught and released 2 Striped Marlin on their 2nd trip with RedRum, our 31’ Bertram.  Lastly, the McConnel’s on TantRum caught and released their first Marlin while fishing with Juan and Humberto.

Saturday, January 16th: Kyle and Shawn McConnell geared up for another day on TantRum and after a long fight yesterday found themselves in a similar situation, big Striped Marlin!  The father-son duo was able to wrestle the monster up to the boat with just enough time to snap some photos and released back into the water!  Team RedRum member, Joe Assenza, who has been one of our most frequented anglers for years came down to visit the boys and get on the water for a few days.  He prefers fishing aboard El Nuevo and loves to give Captain Alex a hard time!  Today they headed out and first mate Christian was able to find a school of porpoise while glassing.  The team pulled a trio of small Yellowfin out before their day wrapped up.  19’s Toy found a different school about 7 miles away from Alex and was the first boat to locate it.  Before the madness ensued our friend and lure guru, Dan Magers, made sure he had the right spread of BFD Big Game Lures placed in the prime location.  As usual, he was spot on and helped Mate Noe and Captain Gaba as he reeled in close to a dozen Yellowfin!  He also tagged a couple (photo) for research purposes!  Thanks Dan and as always, great to see you!

Sunday, January 17th: The schools from yesterday seemed to have disappeared!  This is pretty usual as a lot of boats tend to fish a school and put a lot of “pressure” on the fish which in turn causes them to take-off.  Luckily, we had been the first on them yesterday, but that was yesterday!  Today the boys had to work a little harder and while TantRum and RedRum didn’t have any luck ReelRum and RumRunnin each had a little “suerte” today.  Brent Jensen fished on ReelRum with Ramon and Julian and released a Striped Marlin while boating 2 Sierra.  Team Jesus/Jesus pulled a few rabbits out their hat today with releasing 3 Striped Marli non a half-day charter with Michael Gallagher and his buddy Rick. 

Monday, January 18th: Val O’Donnell and Marcela Solarte tested their luck with Gaba and Noe today aboard 19’s Toy.  The couple decided in the morning to change their reservation from a half-day to a full-day and they are glad they did!  The morning was slow and the boys were trying everything they could to get on a fish when Noe decided to “drop deep” and see if any Marlin were hanging around closer to the bottom.  His hunch proved successful when almost instantly a Striped Marlin took the bait and the fight was on!  The couple brought the fish up and released her carefully back into the water! Richard Nelson fished a half-day on TantRum and was able to land a Striped Marlin early off and have a successful morning with Juan and Humberto while Bill Peltier and his group on RedRum had a little action while catching 1 Yellowfin and a couple of Skippies!  RedRum owner, Ryan Donovan, decided to jump on with our buddy Joe A. this morning.  Fishing with Ryan almost guarantees a catch!  The team headed out for Tuna and got to work.  First Mate Christian was charged with “finding the fish” on the binoculars, something he loves doing!  They put the right man in charge as Christian was able to spot a school of Tuna a few miles from the boat.  The team raced over to it and hauled in their limit of Yellowfin right outside of a spot we call “Herradura” or the “Horseshoe”.

ReelRum (ReelRum 1/18 and 1/19)

Note: We have pulled ReelRum, 28’ California, out of the water for a complete overhaul.  ReelRum will be sidelined for at least two weeks to allow the crew, Rene (our mechanic) and the rest of the maintenance team a chance to work their magic and get her in tip-top shape for the remainder of the year! Stay tuned for photos and updates as we continue to work on her progress.

Tuesday, January 19th: Tuna TantRum Tuesday! Our Catch of the Week and story of the day goes to the boys on TantRum and CCA Member – Larry Hanson of Baytown, TX.  He came down with his wife and Mr. & Mrs. Cole Jackson.  The couples did not know what they were quite getting themselves into when they came upon a school of Yellowfin tuna about 25 miles straight out of Cabo.  Before they knew it, Humberto had a big one on and after a close to 2 hour fight the group had landed the biggest Yellowfin caught 19 days into the year!  It’s been a while since we’ve seen one like this and definitely one to celebrate about!  Great job guys!  Enjoy the sashimi and steaks!  Well deserved!  Enjoy the pictures!  Also pictured: Mrs. Hanson and crew with her nice catch!

Wednesday, January 20th: The mid-week catch wasn’t nearly as exciting as but none the less just as fun for our 25 anglers that headed out of the marina today!  With the buzz of the monster yellowfin still going around in the morning with the crew, they all went out looking for the bigger catch!  Although not one of them came across a +220# Yellowfin like the Hanson Groups the Striped Marlin and Dorado catch did the job!  Clint Truitt and his wife, Diane caught and released a Striped Marlin with Humberto and Juan on TantRum while our long time angler Lou Wheeler fished with his buddies Omar and Ulises on RedRum.  He always has a great time and although he didn’t land a personal record fish, he’s the find of angler that just appreciated being out on the water with his “amigos”.  He ended the day with a nice Dorado for his birthday!  Happy Birthday Lou, from your RedRum family! Captain Jesus landed a Striped Marlin for the Ayoub Party. Oscar got to fish on El Nuevo today since Mr. Wheeler wanted to fish with Ulises.  Alex didn’t mind as he know how well Oscar treats his anglers and how much fun they have with him. This was no different for Julie Scates and her friends.  The 3 ladies had a blast catching and releasing a Marlin and reeling in 2 Dorado to feed the rest of the troops back at the villa!KrisStewartMarlin  Felipe, our pangero, helped land a Wahoo and a dozen Sierra with the Rychnovsky Trio and Colleens Magic, the 38’ Blackfin, released a Striped Marlin with Mr. Drendel.

Thursday, January 21st: A couple of different school of tuna showed up early today which luckily for RumRunnin and 19’s Toy called for quick success!  Aboard 19’s Toy with Captain Gaba and Mate Noe was Craig Ballensky along with his wife and the Novacek Family.  They limited out on a school of yellowfin about 12 miles directly off the Arch while Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin put local buddy, Dr. Hull and his friend Ron Fitch on their limits of Yellowfin as well.  Dr. Hull is probably going to need some of his own back remedies after fighting those fish!! Rob and Dana Symmons finish our report with a nice Striped Marlin that will be replicated (without killing the Marlin)!  They actually brought the fish to the boat to measure, tagged the fish after naming him “Oscar” and released the fish back into the water!  Dana and Rob were so pleased with first mate Oscar that they wanted a way to remember him!  They will soon have “Oscar” hanging on their wall back home as well as their picture to go along!! Great work Oscar and “thank you” Mr. and Mrs. Symmons!

Week #3 is in the books here at RedRum and we couldn’t be more pleased with our boys, our boats and the best customers/anglers in town.  The crew continues to work hard daily; meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, our boats are some of the best “everyday” boats around and we are lucky to be able to have Rene to do the behind the scenes magic!  We wouldn’t be having as much fun down here if it wasn’t for the folks that travel all this way and put their trust in Team RedRum!  Gracias!

Tight Lines,


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