Cabo San Lucas Fish Report January 1st – 7th


The Featured Image of the Week comes from my trip with Dan Magers of BFD Big Game Lures.   I had the opportunity to get some great shots with his lures and this pictures actually shows a TAG that we placed on the Marlin. The Striped Marlin was not injured during the tagging process.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for some cool underwater footage as well!

Friday, Januray 1stOur office was closed to celebrate (recover) the New Year!  RedRum Sportfising would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year Year! We are excited about what we have in store for you guys and wish everyone the best of luck and tight lines!

Saturday, January 2nd – The boys were right back at it to start the New Year and after a few days of overcast skies things finally cleared up and the sun came shining through today!  We began our 2016 with a full day sending 10 boats out!  A few half-day charters couldn’t seem to reach the fishing grounds and the others that reported fish had a great time!  We will start with ReelRum, Kenneth Hutchings and his buddy Reynaldo Cantu were able to land a pair of nice Striped Marlin while fishing with Ramon and Julian.  The Lundberg also fished their 1st of 2 days aboard RedRum today with Captain Omar.  They brought 2 Striped Marlin up for a pair of Catch & Release as well!  Captain Jesus and First Mate Christian landed a nice Dorado for Mr. Ferrigno and his party (Day 1 of 2).  The VanDorns jumped on La Paloma this morning so our Mechanical Team could take care of some work on El Nuevo.  They kept up with the leader board after Catching & Releasing a pair of Marlin as well.  Molly, a new arrival to A-Dock, and a boat we have fished a few times was put to the test today with Mr. Turner and his family.  They hooked into a nice Marlin (possible Blue) but unfortunately lost it during an acrobatic performance put on by the Marlin as it was still a long distance from the boat.  Lastly, Captain Gaba led the squad on the first day of fishing for RedRum.  He and the Wille Party on 19’s Toy along with First mate Ramon had the first Blue Marlin of the year!  The group fought the fish for over an hour and a half and Gaba estimated her weight to be around 330#!  The group also Caught & Released a Striped Marlin and caught a Dorado for dinner!  Great job guys!  Way to jump-start into the New Year!


Sunday, January 3rd: The first Sunday of the month was a slightly busy one for the RedRum crew.  Although not all of the boats headed out vacations and the holidays had us short on crew so the boys pulled together and headed out!  Ulises and Jesus headed out with the Joseph Party, they are some old friends of Ulises’ and had a great time fishing with him.  They landed 3 Dorado, released a Marlin and also caught a Wahoo!  Hutchings/Cantu buddies fished their 2nd day with RedRum and caught a few nice Dorado while out again with Juan on TantRum.  Our good buddy from Florida, Don Palczewski joined us today and wrapped up his day early after catching and releasing a Marlin as well as a pair of Dorado with Julian and Christian on ReelRum.  I had the pleasure of taking out my brother-in-law, Asa Cozad (left picture) out for a day on the water. I brought along my buddy Traun Lynch which added to the entertainment!  We fished with Captain Ramon (Bobo) and Oscar on RedRum and had a great time.  After trying our luck by running to San Jaime to find a Marlin we ended returning to our honey hole up the Pacific side.  As soon as we got close enough inshore the late morning action started up.  We ended our day with 2 Marlin lost, 1 Dorado released and a Wahoo for dinner!  Great time!!

Monday, January 4th: Now that the Holidays, the celebrations, vacations and craziness that comes with them have slowed down we are re-focused and ready to take on 2016!  New Years is always a great time to set goals and one of our goals as a Team is to not be afraid to try new things to catch more fish!  I had the pleasure of fishing with BFD Big Game Lures owner, Dan Magers.  Not only is Mr. Magers one of the premier lure makers around he is also an author and a big time conservationist.  We had a great time talking about his passions and I learned a few tricks from him myself that I am excited to share with the crew!  We fished on 19’s Toy with Captain Gaba, Noe and BFD Team member Jana Primmer.  DSC_0214We had an awesome day on the water.  We headed up the Pacific and not 5 minutes after we put our spread of different Green and Pink colored BFD Lures did we hook up to a Wahoo (pictured)!  This was the beginning of a busy day.  Later that morning we caught a small Dorado that we released.  Towards early afternoon we hooked our first Marlin but unfortunately the Marlin spit the lure.  Eventually we were able to hook, tag and release 3 more Striped Marlin, all on BFD Lures!

Meanwhile, Top Gun fished with the Coglianese Party and had a killer day nabbing up 4 Dorado and releasing 1 Marlin.  Jan Lundberg had their 2nd Day fishing with Omar and Oscar on RedRum and scooped up 2 more Dorado while James Jones  and his buddy Dan fished their 2nd day with us.  This time they headed out with Ramon on ReelRum and they wasted no time catching 3 Dorado and releasing a Striped Marlin.  The Ferrigno’s fishing with Team Jesus/Jesus on RumRunnin landed a Dorado early in the morning and also caught a “Marlin chiquito” according to Captain Jesus!  Captain Juan hosted Joshua Vo on TantRum for the day and hooked he and his group into 2 nice Dorado that they boated! James King fished aboard El Nuevo with Captain Alex (just returned from vacation) and First Mate Christian.  Alex had to shake a little rust off after being on the Mainland too long but he picked up right where he left off, catching fish!  Team El Nuevo ended their day with 2 Dorado for the cooler!

Tuesday, January 5th: Patrick Coyne and his buddies from the EastCoast headed down for the 2nd consecutive year to fish with Captain Juan and Mate Humberto on TantRum for 4 days this week!  They had their trip and went 1 for 1 on Striped Marlin which they released and caught a Dorado that the boys kept for dinner!  Now if we can just keep them out of trouble they should have a few more great days on the water! Jesse and Mackenzie Brubaker from Oklahoma fished with the boys on ReelRum today and Jesse’s Division I football player strength was put to the test as he was tasked with reeling in 4 Dorado and a Striped Marlin!  Great job guys! Thomas Drew and his group had their first of two days out on the water with us, today fishing on RedRum. Oscar worked his rigged ballyhoo from the “shotgun” setup and landed 4 nice Dorado for them!  Team Schaefer reserved RumRunnin for today and the 7th and were quite happy with the results from day 1!  The group landed 2 Dorado and a Marlin!  Warren and Kylie Smith hooked up with Captain Ulises and Christian on El Nuevo and shared the fight with 1 Marlin and 1 Dorado.  RedRum owner, John Donovan, fished with his nephew Joshua Edwards.  Joshua brought his two daughters, Jillian and Abby, along with him from Portland, OR. The girls got right to work and reeled in 4 Dorado as Joshua looked on and cheered!  John tagged a Dorado for research purposes as well!JefeDorado

Wednesday, January 6th: Team BadBoys (Coyne) fishing on TantRum again caught another Dorado today while Brock Landon and his wife caught a Dorado and a Wahoo while fishing with Captain Ramon on ReelRum for their first of 2 trips.  Tim Holley jumped on with Jesus/Jesus and hooked into a nice Striped Marlin as well as a Dorado! Steve Fackler ended the day on RedRum with Captain Omar landing 2 Dorado and 1 Striped Marlin that they released!

Thursday, January 7thYesterday turned into quite the busy day for some of the RedRum boats.  Team Shaefer got after it again on RumRunnin and “had the time of their lives” according to Alex Debernardi. When you break that comment down it really means they had a great time!  On their 3rd day with Jesus and Jesus the crew pulled up 2 Striped Marlin that they released and landed another pair of Dorado for the freezer!  The Landon Couple headed out for their 2nd Day with us, this time testing their luck on RedRum with Omar and Oscar.  Oscar landed a Dorado that they were able to bring into the boat and setup for dinner!  Mr. Wayne Joseph took out Molly and just had to fish with Ulises!  We don’t usually move our crews around but Ulises had fished with the Josephs years ago and remembered them and was glad to fish with them.  They had a great time catching up with Ulises and landing 2 Dorado while doing it!  There was a few more fished that were missed but it’s all in a good day’s work!  Matthew and Kristie Hentzen headed out with Ramon and Julian on ReelRum and released a Striped Marlin on their full-day charter while Jon Bye and Sarah Stark tested their fishing skills aboard TantRum.  The couple shared the rod during a Striped Marlin release and Jon landed a Dorado as well!  Our Wilkinson – CCA Group from the MidCoast, TX Chapter headed out on their first of 3 days fishing with Alex and Christian on El Nuevo.  They pulled away from the pack with quite the bag; 1 White Marlin released, 2 Striped Marlin which they also released and 4 Dorado!  It’s going to be hard t o match that!  Stay tuned to see if they do!WilkinsonFlags

2016 is off to a great start! The weather is near perfect, the town is lively and peaceful and our office is just waiting to get you out!

If you fished with us last year it’s time to book again.  If you didn’t, now is your chance to experience some of the best offshore fishing the world has to offer!


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Here’s to the New Year and Tight Lines!!




  • Striped marlin were found within several miles of shore, as well as further out on their normal traditional grounds. Striking on baits as well as trolled lures, sizes ranged from 50 to 130 lb. There was an unusual story this week of a 20 ft. whale shark being seen swimming around inside the Cabo San Lucas Marina, apparently this was event never witnessed before, normally this very elusive species is encountered occasionally in the clear waters on offshore sea mounts.

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